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Autoart's exceptional customer service

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We may hate their price increases, but their customer service is really top notch. I found out recently that my Himilaya Expeditino had a broken front tow hook (stupid Mindgames, I hate thee!) and the store wouldn't do anything about it, saying it's final sale.

So I emailed Autoart, and they requested the store and when I bought it (no proof needed either) and next day, an email from Canada's Autoart let me know that he's searching for replacement parts for me!

Another day passes, and I get an email that he's found it, and he even taught me how to fix the thing.

I got it in the mail yesterday, and not only did he include the front tow hook, he included the back tow hook too! Now my model is mint again!

Seriously, this is what I call customer service. Me thinks I'll write a congratulatory email to AUTOart, to thank them for the service. Remember I didn't pay a penny for any of this!
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And AUTOart gets higher on our lists again! :nicejob A shame other companies can't learn with them.

I emailed AUTOart concerning a missing mirror on a Mini Cooper S. A few weeks later I received a small plastic bag with three pairs of black mirrors and three pairs of white mirrors (12 mirrors in all). Very helpful.

As for their price increases, I see AUTOart's quality and detail increasing too(Porsche bumper fog lights non-withstanding). I was in a local shop recently and was looking at a wide selection of AUTOart's from a few years ago up to the latest releases and you can really see a difference. Wheel, brake and lighting detail is really second to none on the newest releases.

I'm a rather conservative collector though, so the price increase doesn't hit me as hard.
That's great to hear. It's the least they can do. I wish some Ebay venders out there took a page from their books.
Their new ones aren't always so good in QC though... My GTR Z-tune has glue residue on the back bumper, and there's a hole on the rear right undercarriage (where rear bumper is). I thought it was a defect on my model, since the hole is semicircular and irregular shaped, but after confirming with multiple collectors, that hole is there on everyone's... weirdness. It's even there on the old GTR's :cry
No kidding. For the most part all have been greta, but there's a couple out there.... :pullhair

Kudo's to AUTOart for their help with your problem Gundam. :cheers :nicejob
Thanks Mike! It's so great to have a complete model now. After I knew about the broken piece, it was the only place I'd look at when I took the model out :p

BTW, I've always wanted to ask. Is that a pic of you in your banner?
Great stuff Gundam !!!

I was wondering : my Toyota GT-One #1 has also a broken front hook. I bought it like that (was disappointed).
The problem is that I bought it second-hand on eBay. Do you think I can email AUTOart to get a new one ?
Do they need photos or something ? Any proof ?

Do you know if they ship everywhere in the world without charging for it ?

Thanks :feedback
I'm pretty sure they'll send u a new part, assuming that they can find it. Just email them. They asked me where I bought it, just tell them, ebay purchases should be okay too. They never actually asked for any proof of the damage, I mean, who would just want one part of the model? :giggle

I think they'll ship pretty much anywhere in the world, where are u located?
in France (currently Germany)
I'm pretty sure they'll have a subsidiary around there, since they got the Canada Autoart to email me. So shipping shouldn't be a problem.

Just email them from their site (autoartmodels.com) and go from there! Hope you get your part soon! :cheers
I am doing this now ! Thanks !!!
no prob, Thomas! :cheers
Nope, just a very casual pic of the late Greg Moore. But thanks anyways. :cheers
I wish they could help me like they helped you :ranting

I emailed them about missing stickers in my models (CL55AMG, RX-8,Saleen), after third email that i included pictures of the model and the place where the stickers were missing, only then they replayd me, and said that if they would have the stickers they would send them to me, and it will take 4 weeks to get to Israel
Guess how much is past, not 4 weeks, 2 mounths :shipwrecked :shipwrecked
I just cant believe they dont have those stickers, at least from the RX-8 , it's a new model after all :pullhair

:cry :cry :cry :cry
Dang, lucky. I emailed AUTOart about my missing rear Lamborghini logo and I was told they do not send out replacement parts :confused :pullhair
Boedan and Ariel:

That sucks! Did you contact Autoart via their main site (i.e. contact link under www.autoartmodels.com)? It seems they were pretty helpful to me. Maybe the stickers ARE in the mail, Ariel, but it's taking a while because there's no AUTOart subsidiary in israel?

Boedan, from various accts of DXers (including me), it seems Autoart DOES indeed send out replacement parts. As long as it's nothing major, I'm pretty sure they'll do something for you. Maybe you can try again? And describe the problem in more detail?

I hope that you guys get your replacement parts soon, as this variance of customer service is perplexing :confused
I got antenna for my Bullitt Mustang that were missing..
It took a while but i got it after 1 1/2 months
I emailed to [email protected]

I really hope the stickers are still on there way here :cry
I emailed them over 2 months ago for a replacement part and have yet to hear or get anything from them(window for a Crown Vic). I've sent emails to both of their sites, still nothing.
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