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B.A.R 01 "Zip Car"

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This is a B.A.R 01 from the 1999 F1 Season made bu Minichamp's

This car has to have one of my favorite liveries of all time, up there with Jargermeister, Rothmans even up there with Gulf, the idea of combining 2 Liveries came about then te F.I.A wouldn't let B.A.R run 2 cars with different liveries, shame the car itself didn't perform as well as it looked.

Here's pictures.

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Vince: Errrr.......Jacques.....do you mind if we can drive this....
Sid: I don't think he's going to get out.
Vince: Well we do want to drive iyb before it breck's down.
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very nice models :coolpics
Cool. Mr V. :cheers

I just converted mine last weekend. It looks awesome either way, but I really like the tobac decals on it.
:lol :lol the evil lego twins are back.

That sure is a very colourful car, it did look good when it was running.

Thanks for the :coolpics

That is one very cool livery! Do you know what sort of production numbers this car had?
Fabulous looking car MrV. The paint job on the car is simply out of this world. Minichamps has done a great job on this one.
Do I see the next Walt Disney in you MrV. Those lego guys atleast suggest so. :nicejob
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