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Back in Black - Pocher 993 GT2 1:8

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I built another Pocher 993 GT2 in scale 1:8. The original plan was to replicate the Freisinger Motorsport 993 GT2 in the 1999 FIA GT season. Along the way, I decided to leave the vehicle all black in the spirit of a factory finish. The design was similar to the Proton 993 GT2, only this time I was a lot quicker because a lot of things didn't have to be rethought.


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What a beauty!!! You've done a great job on it!!! :love:
Oh my, it looks so good and like the real thing. Love all the details especially the interior. Thanks for sharing!
back before the RWB was a thing, nice. I had an RC version of this car as a kid and loved it. Wish I still had it just for the looks because it was pretty nice just as a standalone piece. this one is a beauty for sure!
Well done, some great work there. Pochers can look a bit plasticky but that interior looks stunning
Gorgeous ! Stunning work.

Where did you get the wheels and tires ?

If only Hornby would put this old Pocher Porsche back in production. Still a good kit after all these years.
WOW, that is AMAZING! I had the original 1/18th scale model way back in the 90s. I Never built it and Sold it to a friend before I moved to Germany for work. Great a month of custom work that you put into this one.. Very well done!
Thank you for your positive comments! There's a lot that can be made out of the Pocher kit, but some shapes just aren't proportionate. It's just less noticeable when you add all the spoilers and extensions.

@telogen: I built the model in different stages. It started last summer. But there was a break of a few months in between. I think that you can do something like that in two or three months.

@wet sellery: The wheels are from Ebay (seller: gne-pl6). They are combined with Pocher Testarossa tires that I grinded down. Overall, the wheels were hardly usable. It required an stupid amount of remodeling work. For a set of wheels, that is sold as a "kit", it´s a joke. I think that today I would use 1/8 rims from HPI or just 3d printed rims. A new kit from Hornby/Pocher would be great - considering the status of the real 993. I would also give a lot for a 964 kit in 1/8. You could build RSR-versions of all sorts...!
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