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That is going to look so good when you slap 2k clear all over it
Cheers K! This part definitely deserves 2k clear, but I still don't have a proper set up to be able to use it, unless I do it outdoors, although I've left it a bit late in the year to do that lol. At the moment I'm still using Tamiya TS13 clear, spraying lots of light coats to build it up.

If you don't use airbrush, this is a pretty decent, actual 2K clear I used in the past. Worth giving it a go - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ProXL-2K-Clear-Lacquer-Aerosol-for-Motorbike-Cars-Petrol-Resistant-200ml/173938341611?epid=1077329240&hash=item287f8876eb:g:Wm4AAOSwo7Zbz0KY
1 - 5 of 57 Posts
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