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Battle of the Sedans

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Two of my favorite model sedans decided to duke it out. You know who won? ME! I'm the one who owns'em! :danbana

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nice models and :coolpics
The C36 is a little pure, but very nice. Lexus, how is the interior?
Michamel - Try this...

Lexus GS400
Thanks, Dennis, Nadav, and Michamel! :cheers :cheers :cheers
Both super cars, but I have to say I sure like the Lexus better!! :cheers
I see where you're coming from. It has a voluptuous, liquid shape to it, as opposed to the cold, serious geometry of the MB. :happy
:danbana :danbana Thanks Speedfiend !!! :danbana :danbana
I was waiting for this group shot! Awesome sedans!!! I like them both. Nothing but an old school UT duking :box it out with an old school AUTOart!! Nice pics man!!! :nicejob

You got a great deal on the Benzito!! :cheers
Nice cars! Love that C36! :cool :cheers
Exactly!! Everytime I see one of these on the road, all I can do is stare! I have a GS300, but the older design. My plan it to "move up" to this one if possible!!

Thanks for the sentiment, guys! It makes having these elusive gems even BETTER! :happy
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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