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road warrior said:
great work as always :cheers

how'd you fix up the front lights???

The front light assembly comes in 2 parts, the grille (chrome) and the clear front. They overlap in the middle so that the chrome piece becomes the background to the clear part (lights).

1. strip the chrome off the grille area, leaving the sides chromed.

2. once stripped, refine the grille if you want to with some files, Xacto and sandpaper

3. paint the grille area satin black (as on the real car)

4. cover the entire front of the clear part with black enamel, go back over the headlight portion with some paint thinner and remove the black only from the raised "glass" areas. You should be left with a piece that has been blackwashed.
The only reason I painted the entire thing is because the rest of the clear part needs to be black as well.

5. use some transparent orange over the corner signal

6. put it all together and... Voila! :cheers
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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