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Bburago Chevrolet Corvette C5 Coupe

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Here's the next review, guys. This one's for an older model, the Chevrolet Corvette C5 Coupe by Bburago.

The red paint is quite well applied for a Bburago but it still has its trademark flaws: There are many unevenly painted areas and the undersides of the metal bodywork are under-painted.

The model's scale is slightly large for 1/18 scale but the proportions are correct. The model's panel gaps are rather close, particularly around the rear hatch. The front air intakes are perforations as are the two vents on the front fenders and those on the back. The logos on the nose and the hatch of the model are decal stickers and they are prone to peeling with time. The headlights do not pop up (as expected with Bburago) but the foglights are simulated with separate plastic pieces but the indicators are painted on to them and mounting posts can be seen in the foglights. The side repeaters at the rear sides of the model are made with separate pieces of plastic but the mounting posts are clearly visible. The tail lights are well simulated with separate pieces of plastic but the central bar brake light is a sticker which is also prone to peeling. The heating elements in the rear window use the dated moulding with the window.


The model's interior is reasonably good for a Bburago but there is much that can be improved. The black and grey shiny plastic doesn't simulate the black/grey leather, grey carpet combination very well and the centre console consists of stickers and a few moulded pieces of plastic. Seat belts are included as well and red stickers are used to simulate the red lights in the doors.

The wheels are quite well simulated and have wheel nuts but the brakes are very crude - the discs have no detail and there are no brake calipers to speak of. The tyres are correctly branded but the tread is inaccurate as Bburago used their generic tyres for this model.


The hood raises forward (and stays up) to reveal the engine bay. Many of the parts in the engine bay can be easily be made out and the engine is made from three major sections of plastic. Stickers are used in the appropriate places and the radiator at the front of the engine bay is well defined.

The undercarriage detail is quite impressive too where much of the engine, the gearbox, exhausts, etc can be made out easily. The chassis is well simulated too. The biggest flaw with the model is the typical one for most budget manufacturers - the use of chrome plastic to simulate steel or aluminium.

Nobody else makes the C5 Coupe although AUTOart, UT Models and Maisto offer variants of the C5 Coupe (the C5 Z06, the C5 Targa, the C5 50th Anniversary, the C5 Convertible and the C5 Indy 500 Pace Car) which are all superior to Bburago's version.

Many of these were made and are hardly likely to become rare - many supermarkets and most toy/model stores will probably still stock these.

Bburago's model of the Corvette C5 is one of their best efforts and was made at the time when they began to lose their stronghold on the 1/18 diecast market (1997-8) but by today's standards it is quite dated but these can be picked up for less than $10 but it is still a decent model if you prefer to buy models from the budget end of the market. It is a decent addition if you collect Corvette models too.

Total Score - 26/50

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thanks for the review. I have this model and could agree more with you. :cheers

The one I have is a targa top and doesn't have the roof either :confused

And this one featured doesn't have a removable roof. :confused
Good review Darren! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

I thought Ertl made the C5 Coupe/Targa?
Great review Darren :nicejob :cheers

Nice car for the money :happy
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