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Meanwhile a XXL display case by Sora arrived and I managed to assemble it last week --> #1 of the above challenges has been mastered.

Now the transporter is displayed in my home office and I can enjoy it every day 😃

I also built some support for the axles with black LEGO bricks because the rubber tires would not be able to bear the weight of this beast for a longer period of time:
The tractor truck weighs more than 4kg and the trailer more than 6kg...

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2 day ago I received my long awaited custom MB Aerotrailer by MNTrailers to go with my repainted NZG Actros Gigaspace tractor truck.

Now find myself left with some challenges:
1) Source a oversized display case (already ordered).
2) Source an appropriate box for storing (the transport box it came with is not optimal).
3) Build a setup for a decent photo session (my usual plates for base and background are 70cm max only...) ;)
Having sourced the oversize display from SORA I mastered the second challenge:
Got a custom made wooden transport box for the trailer:
Wood Rectangle Beige Hardwood Font

Rectangle Wood Shelf Natural material Gas

The right side panel can be removed to get better access when putting the trailer in:
Rectangle Wood Gas Office equipment Flooring

The tricky thing was the length of the box:
I store my models in an old wardrobe where I have 95.8cm max available for the length of a box.
On the other hand the trailer is already 92cm long --> so the job needed tailor made precision.
But the guy who built this box for me did a great job and now everything perfectly fits - I'm really happy with the result. :D

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I don't want to know what space you needed for that photoshooting, but the result is great! 👌 👌 👌 (y) (y) (y)
I can't believe I missed checking out that display case! That's awesome, and so is the Actros w/ the trailer! :love: :love: :love:
This big boy looks awesome 👏
Thank you, friends - much appreciated!!

It's a big boy indeed and to answer your unasked question, Marios:
I still don't have studio equipment for this giant model --> So I did the shooting "in situ":
I.e. directly on the sideboard in my homeoffice where it is displayed.
Just removed the display case, added a black base plate and background. Only problem was that my base plate is 70cm long while the transporter is about 110cm. So I needed to take several pictures while moving the base plate beyond the model. The rest was photo stacking and PS.

Obviously I do not claim to have mastered my third challenge from above... ;)

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This year I got me a 1/12 model (amazing Bugatti Atalante by Bauer) and had to realize that I do not enjoy such large models in the way I enjoy 1/18. It seems that I am just a 1/18 guy.

Habing said that my latest purchase was the 1/8 Benz Patent Motorwagen from 1886 by Franklin Mint.
Sounds crazy? Maybe - but only at first sight. ;)

For me this amazing and highly functional model does not directly relate to my modelcar collection.
I simply love it (and the story behind!) and see it more like a unique masterpiece in museum quality (like a brass steam engine model for example).

Of course such a masterpiece needs a special permanent display. This was the real challenge for me (having no man cave in our house) but when I bought the Motorwagen I already had an idea in mind:

In my homeoffice room I have a small Kallax shelf - standing upright like a pillar:
Plant Property Shelf Shelving Flowerpot

In the past I used the top level from time to time for a single display case like this:
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

But now I ordered a tailored display by Sora, assembled it and placed it at the top of the Kallax pillar. The result is a perfect fit and a nice permanent display for the Patent Motorwagen:
Property Furniture Plant Shelf Window

At the end I am very satified with the result and now I can enjoy this stunning model every day :D
Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Motor vehicle Bicycle wheel

Wheel Tire Bicycle Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle tire

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread
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