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Fantastic pictures again, I really like the light setup to make the beautiful lines of the car come alive! Now you make me want to experiment with my models, inspirational photography, congrats,
Wow - this is a huge compliment!! Thank you Sir!
Looking very much forward to see low-light images of your modern beauties!!
(As you know I am more in classic car models...)

SetUp-wise these picture are all generated in my improvised "studio" with TV-screen lighting:

(Meanwhile I am using black plates instead of this black fabric.)

But as you can see from the above Aventador pictures - quite a lot of this effect is created with PS editing.
The so-called "levels" tool is extremely helpful here because it allows to easily control the contrast:
You can separately blacken dark areas or further brighten bright areas...
1021 - 1031 of 1031 Posts