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Beijing Jeep BJ-212

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BJ-212 Light Jeep

Engine bay

Four doors open

A spare tyre inside

Bought this one last week, don't know who makes it.
It has a certification and 4 stamps inside. stamps? :confused
A nice model, not bad at this price.

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Cool model
Do you know what year that Jeep was made?
That is a cool model! The engine detailing is great, and those door hinges are really well done. And chain's to the tailgate? If I saw one of these somewhere, I would drag it home at once!!! Congrats!!!
This model is made by CM-models, and I think the car was from the 80's, CM made closed army version, and a street version too.
Congrats, very unic! :cheers
Congrats Hsinwei :cheers
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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