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ok here are some of the pix i have just taken with my web cam still no digi cam so i had to take them with the webcam :( sorry for the lack of crap pics but best i could do with the webcam.
ok this is what it is
its a 1965 ford mustang ben pratt (from here) sold me this as a un-finished project i hoped to start and finish it str8 away but it got lost in the tracks and was only half finished when i got it so this is whats happen to it now.

it has had its 2nd engine transplant (1st transplant being done by ben pratt)
the same wheels have been put on
i have changed the drives seat to a v8 supercar racing seat i got from a ba falcone supercar.
i a nos bottle on the middle of the back seat (give the girl a bit more go)
put in shifter and brake (v8 supercar suplyed once again)
and the engine is 2 belive :p its also from the v8 supercar
so this is one quick 65' ford mustang i would say....
so with no further a'do i bring to you
the 65' mustang

hope you enjoy the pix as best as you can...


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nice work on thast Stang Ben( HK) :cheers

Ben Pratt chose some really nice rims for the car :cheers

good luck with the rest of the project :cheers

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Mate I like the V8 supercar engine in there!!! that rocks..

I love the shifter and brakes too.... thing Im not so sure about is the seat... each to their own

Good luck with the rest of the project
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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