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I was just wondering if anyone knew what the next car in the collection was going to be. Ive been trying to find a press release or something on the whole benetton collection but I cant find anything. So if you know anything, let me know. Thanks.

They just released the 1/43 B191, with Moreno, Piquet and Schumacher.
They are going to release the 1/43 B194, I've only seen Schumacher listed so far although I am sure they will release a Versteppen(sp?) and Letho cars.
They are also releasing a 1/18 B191 I have only seen press on a Schumacher car.

I am hoping they will release the 92,93, 94 and 95 cars in 1/18 even though it will anger alot of collectors that have shelled out huge dollars for the orginal.
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