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Best autoart model

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hey hey.. in your opinion, what is the best autoart modern car model? or are there any recommendations of upcoming models? heeez :giggle
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The upcoming Mazda 787 looks to put AUTOart in a new arena but in the current releases I have always liked the Jag XJ13 the best :cheers

I guess I didn't read your question very well :lol

I vote for the Maybach but the MB 190 Evi looks good in the pictures I have seen :cheers
Street cars AND racers or the best of each?
street cars! heez... anyway i really hope ferrari give autoart the rights to make their cars.. i will love to have a 1:18 F430 spider! that will be the best autoart in my opinion...
I can't really name THE BEST but i can name a few very good ones:
Mazda RX8
Cahparral 65
MB 190E Evo II
Sierra Cosworth
Well, if we're talking about modern street cars only, I would say:

Hard to single one out, it will depend on what you collect.
Mmmm the 190 EVO.

But looking at pics, aren't the metallic flakes in the paint kinda big? Or does it look okay in person?
Of the AUTOart`s I own I would say these are the best

Aston Martin DB5 - 007 with working weapons

Porsche GT3 RS

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 - Monte car

Peugeot 206 WRC - Monte car

I had the MGB GT , a millenium release which was stunning , and the much wanted Sierra RS Cosworth is also a fantastic car
I dont have a great number of AUTOart releases. But my favourite are two

Jaguar E-type III in silver,
Closely followed by Lamborghini Miura in Yellow

Terrific pieces I must say.

As for racers, I really like the Chapparal 2 and the Corvette C5R
That and the "Merceds" thing on the engine block scared me away from it at 1st, but I caved and oredered one because of the overall looks. Hope you're right and in person those flakes are not that big.
If you like BMW, take a look at their 635 CSi and M635 Csi. Beautiful models, well-crafted and reasonably priced now.

LUW, I'm in the same predicament as you. I told the store owner to order a 190 EVO in for me. Hope he doesn't get mad if I don't buy it after I check it out :p
Let's not forget the Toyota 2000GT... also, the 1953 Corvette is very sweet! :cheers
:iagree One I wish I got at the time.

Whats the going rate one one of these now????
Dave ,

check here http://www.swapmeetmodels.co.uk/auto_art/auto_art-4.htm ..... they have them available for £24.99 . The New Zealand version too .
Thats what I got mine for :cheers
Cheers Gary. :cheers Depends on Ebay (Goldeneye Ferrari) auction whether I'll get this.

Sorry for going slightly off topic folks.
Choice of G500, 190E Evo II or the 996 GT3RS :cheers
All the AUTOart models from 2003 onwards are pretty good. I own about 30ish AAs, and in my opinion the best is the Ford Sierra Cosworth. The BMW M3 CSLs are good too, as is the M635 (beautiful wheels and engine detail) which was mentioned by TMD96.

Nobody has mentioned the new Bugattis. They must be well detailed for the price.

To be honest I'm pleased even with my older AAs such as the Lexus GS400 and RX300 which date from early 99.

edit: thanks LUW, hehehe wasn't paying attention... modern you say... :tease

in my opinion...

Bugatti Veyron
Mitsubishi EVO 7 & 8 (dead on proportions)
Nissan 350Z Roadster
Guys, he asked for modern street cars. If we list all great cars we'll make him go bananas. :giggle
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