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Best Kyosho Die-Cast

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Which Kyosho model do you think is the best in 1:18 scale? Personally I like BMW 6 series coupe...
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:iagree :iagree :iagree

BTW... welcome to DX, stallion_aka_bob!!! :cheers
:iagree WELCOME! :cheers

You have a good question! Being full of agreement today I have to go with the 6er as well.
I only collect german carmaker concerns. And Kyosho makes a very good Lamborghini Miura Jota and all new BMW's are the best ones - I realy like the BMW E46 M3 CSL.
I wait for the RR Phantom from Kyosho. This model should be one of the best models in scale 1/18.
M3 CSL for me :mine
:welcome Stallion Bob.

My personal favourite 1:18 by Kyosho is probably either the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona (Black), BMW X3 or 7er, or the Z8. Even though the Z8 is an older model it feels and looks superb quality.

Daytona Competizione, hands down!

:welcome aboard, bob! :cheers
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Most functional (opening doors, lights, ...) are their Countaches but also 2002 Turbo is very good in this aspect. As for engine detail, it is Miura SVR
After the Competizione I would say the Lambos (Jota, LP400, 5000S) would come in 2nd place.
Competizione - no contest! And welcome.
Lancia integrela
I saw one model and it's amazing on his detail
I have only 2 kyoshos and they are both Lancia Delta Integrales. I like them a lot but the only problem is that when you open the bonnet it comes out very easily not a big problem but a bit annoying consedering it is a Kyosho. Apart from that, a great model as expected from Kyosho.
Daytona Competizione with honorable mentions goint to the Miura Jota.
Not seen the Daytona but it would be a difficult choice between the Lancias - 037 or Integrale
stallion_aka_bob !!!

I think the 6 series in silver :tongue
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Ferrari Daytona Competizione or the BMW 6 Series MotoGP Safety car.
Thanks for all of your warm welcome!! I was a little afraid that I would get replies or not.... but I guess I din't have to...
How about Ferrari models? I like 328 as well, red, of course.
i have alot of 'best favorites'..... :loll one i can not pin-point b/cause Kysosho makes some really excellent well detailed models for the money,my recent kyosho purchase is the new MB CLK500 convertable in Red and i must admit it is very impressive and highly recamanded the quality speaks for itself :cheers

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