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I know that a review was posted for the Ford GT Concept a few months ago but I've chosen to post one under the rating system.

As most people already know, the model is available in four colour schemes that were based on previous Ford GT40 racecars:
- Yellow w/ Black Stripes
- Red w/ White Stripes
- White w/ Blue Stripes
- Powder Blue w/ orange bumper and stripe (Gulf colours)
Like with the Beanstalk Group's previous models, the paint is very well applied with complete application. The only fault with the paint is that the painted stripes can be clearly felt from the main paintwork.

The model is to scale and its proportions are accurate. A large amount of metal was used to make the model and this is reflected by its weight of 780 grams. The panel gaps are fair but they could be improved - the doors fit too far in so you can see the black paint of the exterior. The Ford badge is a painted, raised surface, not a sticker. The lights are extremely well done too - they can't be faulted although the air intakes aren't perforated - the effect is simulated by colourless plastic with cross-thatch painted mesh. The exterior is outstanding for a budget model.


The interior is very detailed. There is no carpet detail but the seats are made from a latex-like material and the leather effect is quite good. The seats are well detailed too with separate seatbelts and fire extinguishers are included. The pedals, switches and dials are all accurate.

There are just two faults (one minor and one serious) - the major fault being that the window behind the seats is silver plastic which obviously should be colourless. The minor fault is that the word "FORD" is missing from the steering wheel.


The detail of the wheels and brakes is extraordinarily high for a budget model. The wheels are well rendered. The brake discs and callipers are very detailed and the tyres are branded correctly. Most importantly, the brake discs rotate with the wheels while the callipers remain fixed.


The engine cover opens to reveal a beautifully replicated engine. The detail and quality are very high. The engine bay is made from separate parts with several fine mouldings. Some of the linkages are functional and some are simulated. The engine is also correctly asymmetrical.

The undercarriage detail is excellent too. The mainly flat undertray is correct. The rear section of the chassis is very nicely replicated too where the engine, gearbox and functional suspension are all easy to make out. The suspension has several linkages that move when the model is pushed down.

The partly hollow exhausts are nicely simulated too and stick out of the rear of the car with a fine gap between the exhausts and the rear bodywork. The engine detail is amongst the best of any budget model.

Nobody else makes models of the Ford GT Concept so the Beanstalk Group has exclusive control over its production. However Exoto's subdivision Motorbox is set to release the production version of the Ford GT.

The model is of extremely high quality and it has no competition but it is far from rare. Most toy and model stores don't seem to be able to clear their stock of them. Some are even being given away with car magazine subscriptions.

The Beanstalk Group did an excellent effort reproducing the Ford GT Concept. The detail and quality are very high and there is only one serious fault (the inside window). It fails to disappoint and it will look good against models costing twice its price. It is an essential model to add to any collection.

Total Score - 43/50

Thanks to www.detourdave.com for the use of his pictures

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good review, but because of my absolute love of this car it gets a 51/50 for me, i don't care about the few mistakes, i love it too much :D

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Everyone should have one of these! They're really great and have excellent detail for such a low price... But, I have a question

Does the rear suspension actually work? I'm too afraid to push down on it!
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