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Latest and much anticipated aquisition

Biante's 1999 VS Commodore from the Holden Racing Team as driven by Craig Lowndes...

what makes this car special is the unique "reversed livery" that it was raced with..


At Round 8 of the championship for 1999, Calder Park Raceway, Craig Lowndes managed to survive one of the most spectacular crashes in V8 Supercar history.

After the recently built VT Commodore of Lowndes' was bumped sideways on the start of Race 2 for the weekend, the right rear wheel dug into the track causing the car to tip onto its roof and slide for some 200-250 meters down the main straight at Calder Park. On coming into contact with the grass at the side of the track the car was forced over the retaining safety wall on the edge of the track and came to rest after some 5 and a half full rotations in the air.


In an amazing scene, the first people on the scene of the accident were the other drivers in the series, almost all of whom had stopped their cars and gotten out to go and assist Lowndes from the now destroyed Commodore, those that were already past the incident also stopped after they had completed a lap of the circuit.

At this stage the race had not even completed a full racing lap.

In amazement Craig did survive the incident with a bruised elbow and ligament damage to his knee, which required surgery.



Due to his injuries Lowndes was side-lined for Round 9 of the championship in Simmons Plains, Tasmania.

The Holden Racing Team brought in Driver Cameron McConville to drive the newly re-commissioned VS Commodore which Lowndes had driven to his first ATCC Championship and also the Bathurst 1000 in 1996. The car was severly damaged in 1997 but was repaired and driven by Holden Young Lion Todd Kelly in 1998. Due to the special circumstances in which the car was brought back to HRT Spec it was given a new livery, while still displaying the same colours that make HRT recognisable it has been done reversed, with the blue at the front of the car instead of the rear as it had been in the past.


Craig Lowndes was to return to racing at Round 10 of the Championship in Winton, Victoria driving the reverse liveried VS Commodore and dispite the massive accident and missing a round he was to go onto winning his 3rd Touring Car Championship in only his 3rd full season in the series.

On his debut in V8 Supercars Craig was described as a "one-lap wonder". But in his 1996 Debut in the series this "one lap wonder" put paid to all his critics by winning 6 of the 10 races in the championship, he claimed 3 pole positions from 30 races and won 16 of the 30 races that year, giving him the Touring car championship at the age of 22, making him the youngest champion and the youngest driver to claim a pole position.

In the same year, teamed with Greg Murphy, Lowndes also took Pole position and the Victory and the Sandown 500 endurance race. The pair teamed up again for an historic Bathurst 1000 victory making them the youngest drivers to win The Great Race.

By winning Sandown, Bathurst and the championship Craig was the first driver to win the "triple crown" since Peter Brock in 1980 - 16 years earlier.

He returned to the series in 1998 to win his second touring car championship, giving him a record 42 podium finishes from the 59 races he had competed in in only 2 years in the championship.

1999 saw lowndes return to the championship slot again, dispite the huge accident outlined above. And at the age of 25 Craig already had recorded one of the best win/loss ratios ever in australian motorsport with 3 championships from 3 seasons, 2 Sandown 500 wins and one bathurst win in the same 3 years.

*** Please keep picture file size lower than 60KB, Bernard ***

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Nice write up Malik and great pics!
I've been umming and arring over whether to get this model as I don't as a rule buy 1/18 V8Supercars(I collect full grids in 1/64) although I do have a 1/18 of the 2000 Lowndes VT.
After seing these pics of urs,I am now very tempted!! :tempted

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maaate... HRT is my main theme...

currently I have every livery from 1995 - 2005 and am eagerly awaiting the 2005 livery to add to it...

my aim is to have all HRT liveries from their inception in 1988 to current..... so I hope biante make the earlier ones.. they have done 1990... so I need 1988, 1989 and 1991-1994 then Im all good...

I generally get one of each year but sometimes make the exception... so I do have 2 of one year for various reasons...

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Must be an awesome looking collection Malik!
I would love a 1/18 collection of HRT cars but as my main theme is Bathurst cars,I can't afford both.I do,however collect HRT cars in 1:43.Can't wait for Biante to produce this car in 1/43 plus 1996/7/8/9 and 2000!!(I can get rid of my CC 'plastic' ones then)

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Love the pics Malik!!! It's a great looking car and sits very well between the '98 and '99 Lowndes regular cars :happy
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