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Hello all. Decided to post my review on the Biante Ford Falcon BA XR8, in 'acid rush':

I picked this up off trademe (New Zealand auction site much like ebay) for $64nz, which is a cheap price in comparison with other Australian Diecasts as well as similarly detailed Autoarts.

What a car :tongue in my opinion this is one majorly underrated diecast. As well as being nicely detailed as Biantes usually are, this car also comes with some nice little touches, particularly in the interior, cue thumbs:

The interior is up to Biantes usual standard, with full carpet and a nicely detailed dash with dials and small screen. But upon further inspection, many small features worthy of a much more pricey diecast can be found. These include the opening glovebox, opening centre console, adjustable sun-visors and an adjustable steering column. The seats are nicely moulded in plastic (to represent leather) and they include the stitching. The boot is also good, with full carpeting and a visible circlular area where the spare wheel is located. The only negatives I can find in the interior is the cheapish looking white plastic ceiling liner and the seatbelts which are plastic, although they have seperate metal buckles. All in all, an excellent interior, especially for the price.

To the engine. Again, not a bad effort by Biante. It's fully wired and has various labels. Not much to see as most of the engine bay is covered in plastic, but it's still a detailed piece, although not as detailed as the Classic Carlectables BA Falcon engine. The Biante models also feature a bonnet catch. So to open the bonnet, frst you need to press a button underneath the front of the car which unhooks the catch and alows you to open it. Also note the bonnets hydraulic hinges :nicejob

Nothing special about the exterior of the model. The paint is well done with no orange peel (although the colour isn't to everyones taste lol). The front lights are very good looking, whereas the rear ones lack something. The wheels are adequate, although again nothing special. The little Ford badges in them look a tad small too. The brake disks and calipers are this models weakness, looking very plasticy and nowhere nears as good as Autoarts similarly priced range. Various badges are also done quite well, especially the 'XR8' ones that litter the car. The Ford badge on the front grill seems a bit oversized. The underneath is just as spectacular.....although it's not bad by any means.

There are a few little quality niggles including some paint problems in the B pillar area and the front door hinges feel a bit weak and cheap. But overall this car's very well made and is quite heavy.

Overall, this is an awesome car for the price. If you ever see one at a Bargain basement price (which is likely. There's heaps of them, also in GT and GT-P form) and want something a little bit different to the usual, I highly recommend it. They're also a great alternative to the Classic Carlectables versions.

Matt :cheers
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