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Biante News.

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Biante Ford BA Falcon XR8

Just received the model mentioned above (in phantom), and noticed the passenger side front wheel seems to drop down becasue of the full detail independent suspension. This is however not the case for the driver side (becasue of the steering mechanism I'd imagine), so my question is, is this normal? The car sits fine on flat surface, but this is really bugging me... :WTF
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Looks like the same problem I had on my AUTOart 206 WRC, the part that allows the wheel to turn, which on the real car would be the shock absorber, had gone off its mounting point. I simply moved it back in it, by moving it back and forth.
I have 4 of the XR8's in different colours.. and it shouldnt be like this when on its base!. If it doesnt fix it self by you compressing the suspension up and down id ask to see if you can exchange it!.

None of my XR8's have this problem so first time Ive seen this on one!.

Hope you can get this sorted out! :cheers :cheers
Thanks guys... I'll have to take a look at the model first. Shipping it back to Australia from Canada may be a bit too expensive to do so...
Attempted to take the car apart but it doesn't buldge (probably a good thing since the hood latch may be gone once I take it apart).

Tried to push the suspension down and something snapped. Fortunately, the model still sits fine on flat surface, I guess I'll just leave it alone.

It'll really bug me but oh well...
Oh man that doesnt sound good :|... Can you possibly email the seller and see if theyll pay to send it back seeing as they sent you a faulty car?
I have the same problem with my phantom xr8, its some kind of fault, if you press it down it tends to click back in just need to be careful. I didnt check mine until long after I bought it. It looked fine on the base.
Thanks for the help guys. I think I'll just leave it alone. I bought it on sale so this slight problem is not really as bad as say decals peeling. Besides, since the model looks normal sitting on flat surface, I'm ok with that. I'm guessing the stopper on the spring is missing or gone which causes the wheel to look like that.
Hi Guys

Has anybody purchased this car yet, or ordered it. Just wondering if someone can post some nice pics up....

I managed to get mine ordered direct from Biante after it was out of stock a few times. think there server had a heart attack when it went on open sale :giggle

I'm delighted to get it for retail as I paid the premium for the 89 car, looking forward to getting pics of them together. :cheers
Both Road Runner 72 and myself have this one on order...Mike's picking his up today and there should be photos tonight, I have to wait until Saturday for mine

Just downloading the photos of Prince Charles off my camera, as he dropped by my old school today, then will get some photos of it up.
Also had to pick up 2 good priced F1GP tickets I got off ebay, then picked up my car from the shop, "Has to go back monday for a new muffler" payed a viset to freind as she cooked dinner "Yummy pasta :happy " picked up x2 1:64s from another shop and had to fit a Doctors appointment in between all that, and you call these hoildays. Sorry you didn't want to know all that, I'm just getting excited as its the GP weekend is only a day away :happy

the photo will be up soon be up soon.

I would like to see these pictures.....

PS: Can't wait till this weekends F-1 race either!
Dam, you have had a busy day, thks for taking the time to post some pics up.

Simply stunning together :cool :cool

Looking forward to opening round, should be interesting this year with all the changes they have made ( Hopefully )
I'm clicking the good old refresh page trying to order and ther servers taking a beating, :dizzy I feel like scotty in star trek, She can't take much more captain, it's just tooo much.

hehe sigh, it continues .... :confused :kick sql errors galore atm 19mins into release...... :shipwrecked ahh its all fun
:eek:mg Oh mate u should have pre-ordered!!!I had a feeling this would happen.
I can't access their website at all!!
Good luck,hope u get ur order in!
P.S. If anyone is wondering what car we are talking about,it looks just like the one in my signature.
hmm 30 mins in still sql errors and other assorted fun :booboo :dizzy :kick ..... lol
I'm just getting 'cannot find server'.Ho hum................
I am slightly suprised it is this bad, 37mins, cannot find server, lol, sigh :dizzy
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