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Well in true V8 Supercars fashion, lets kick this off with a bang shall we?

This version depicts the VE Commodore Cameron Mcconville piloted in the 2009 V8 season, run from one of the smaller teams in the pack.
It has shown occasional speed but ultimately Cam had bad luck in some events, showing even the best of V8 veterans can have it go bad.
Still when this car was going right it was entertaining to watch, and that livery is just striking. Having it limited at 360 is a pity in that regard.
Youtube video of him doing his thing in 2008 (same chassis, different livery and slightly different interior).

Aside from the front splitter being too long, the mould and stance look perfect, and it does the real deal justice. No visible attachment stubs except for the fender lights, bonnet and boot pins look like real metal, and the fabric tow straps on the bumper and chrome fuel coupling are a nice touch. Front air intake looks good though Im not sure if it is accurate. The details all look crisp and well defined, including...

The O.Z turbine wheels with a separate wheel nut piece and the nice photoetched brake discs. However the calipers do seem quite small at the front.
Also the decals seem to have a rough finish to them up close, which is strange. Should be better to match the rest of the model.

The interior is detailed very nicely. It totally accurate to the real deal (here is a video of a team car [forward to 1.30 or so]: )
from the dash, shifter, switchbox, air jack, roll/center module etc.
Only the roller anti-roll bar adjusters and pedals seem different.

All the wires look like the real thing and they're lined up with Motec ECUS on the floor.The blue cool box and the settings sheet on the dash are nicely done. The only thing I can complain about is the window net which is plastic and looks strange next to fabric belts, and the air vents up top look rough.
This is one of my favourite parts. Boot hinges look wonderfully complex and the detailing is great, from the wires to those chrome rings on the fuel pipes and of course features like the fabric tow strap are nice too.

Cant forget the motor can we, 630hp of fury that thing is supposed to have. It is nicely done as one would expect from a model of this standard, Biante seem to be the masters of metallic paint and wiring in this sector. The gray headers and 8 throttle bodies are modelled well.
However the engine block itself just lacks that little bit extra. Perhaps it's the dull cam covers.

There can be no qusetion about the ancillaries at the side though, they look like they are from a far pricier model . And yet again we have fabric tow straps!

You can see the rough finishing on the light covers up close under flash. Here it is with the 2 piece engine cover on (that incidentally has wiring on it was well). Note the bonnet hinges. Fragile feeling but they look great.

This is where the Biante kicks some backside. All the heat shielding, clear and opaque wires, subframe, steering rack and engine/gearbox look top shelf.
Also note what looks like a little alternator under there by the gearbox, Only thing I can just critique is the front brake duct which is made of spring.

Everytime I see the details this I notice something new. Those yellow wires to the rear, bumper outriggers,live axle assembly, oil coolers, etc are all excellent.
It also has antoher spring assembly under the live axle you cant see, never knew that!

So what is the verdict? Well aside from niggling issues like the front left rubbing slightly against the guard and the questionable decal quality and feeling rather fragile (plastic bumpers) it is absolutely worth the USD$200 R.R.P.

However I got mine here to SIngapore including shipping for just over USD$160. And on that basis if you look for the right model, it is in my opinion a real bargain.
You darn Ozzies have it good over there with Biante.
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