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big pics of my latest mod the big mans scoobie

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edited pics now smaller with many thanks burn
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heres and up date

hope you like

again smaller pics with thanks to burn
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lastest version all painted and reassembled just need to find some decals now any ideas??

resized again thanks burn what a top link
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thank you for your feed back i really must look into this picture resizeing stuff
thanks for that tumbo

also thanks burn for resizeing the pics
ive resized them i hope they are ok
thanks hope you didnt mind i sort off nicked your idea (or rather your project gave me the bottle to have ago)

have you any ideas where to get suitable decals??
still awaiting some decals but heres an update

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well its about finished as is a secondary project that came of the back of it

hope you enjoy theyve been a bit of a labour of love colin is a bit of a hero of mine

1995 portugal car

1998 portugal car
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the job as as discribed

heres a pic of the real car

i found it on www.swrt.com in there gallery under archives

heres a link


thanks for all your kind words

i agree that autoart really missed the boat not doing any of colins cars including the xsara?????

by the sounds of it i will have to get a solido fabia next :lol

Just as an aside, can you estimate how much it cost you to make the conversion (including cannibalising other cars, decals, paint etc...)?
err now

there was the police impreza, corolla wrc, new generation impreza wrc plain blue were the cars used (all changed in to some thing else

corolla suplied wheels (its got big chromes on now and was repainrd green)

new gen impreza wrc plain blue supplied the interior (its got the police cars interior plus its a bit of a fast n furious road racer some rally decal kevlar roof and bonnet)

2 sets of decals from http://www.greatmodels.com/

so quite a bit but im very happy with the results and i have mcrae scoobies :happy
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heres a bit more about the 555 and a couple of other item that came about due to this mod

my replica of colin mcraes impreza 555 1995 championship winning car from portugal

it is based on the auto art impreza police car

the rear spoiler was cut down to suit

the roof vents were mad from model filler and the grille was modified to suit the earlier look

the bonnet vents filled and the scored to replicate the vents

the wheels and door mirrors mud flaps are from an auto art corolla wrc

and the interior is based on a plan blue wrc impreza by autoart

the bonnet lamps are from a ricko rs200

the decal kits are carpena ones

both subaru rally part 1 & 2and cthe portugal rally plate one

the car is sprayed a vauxhall blue which i got from halfords (i tend to use auto paint alot)

there are still thing to do like the repsol logos on the sides of the front and rear bumper bit i will await till i can get some suitable decals

i have posted a couple of pics of what became of the other two donor cars

the late subaru

has the police cars interior and uses carpena decals parts 1 & 2 subaru rally

safety belts part 1

kevlar decal sheet applied to the roof and edges of the bonnet

the corolla as some after market huge chrome bling 22" rims and is painted ford pacific green the interior comprises of seats out of a burago maserati 3200 gt

the door mirrors are of the police impreza

and the front bumper edges were ground back to make the front end narrower

and the roof spolier was a scratch build

annd dark green carpeting

hope you like them
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thanks for the kind words
thanks again your all very kind
thanks i thought the kevlar roof is very bmw m3 csl oar jap road racer
yep its very bad form that none of the mcrae imprezas were ever produced in 1/18th they always would have been big sellers even more so since the sad events of september and auto art could also do his rally sierra cosworth as well

the wheels came of the safari corolla wrc then painted gold and the tryres turned round to hide the michelin logos

thanks for the kind comments
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