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BMW 2002 Series

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BMW 1600 vs 2002: Part I

I will show you the difference between following works on the BMW 2002-series.

In the review are:

- BMW 2002 L / AutoArt
- BMW 2002 Baur Cabrio / AutoArt
- BMW 2002 / Kyosho
- BMW 2002 Turbo / Kyosho
- BMW 1600 Touring / Minichamps
- BMW 2002 Cabrio / Minichamps

Damn, it fails a BMW 2002 model from Anson...

Front view

In the front view, we can see all three model manufacturers make they works very good.
But some little difference are to see. On the models from AutoArt we can see a fantastic metallic lacquer - but I find it is to modern for a model who come from the seventies. Kyosho use a metallic lacquer too. The lacquer is not to modern like the AUTOart one. The lacquer from Minichamps is good and pure.
On this pictures we can see that AutoArt gives their models the biggest chrome ornaments.
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Excellent comparison :cheers
Thanks so much for taking the time for the write up :nicejob

That engine on the Baur looks fantastic!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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