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BMW 2002 Series

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BMW 1600 vs 2002: Part I

I will show you the difference between following works on the BMW 2002-series.

In the review are:

- BMW 2002 L / AutoArt
- BMW 2002 Baur Cabrio / AutoArt
- BMW 2002 / Kyosho
- BMW 2002 Turbo / Kyosho
- BMW 1600 Touring / Minichamps
- BMW 2002 Cabrio / Minichamps

Damn, it fails a BMW 2002 model from Anson...

Front view

In the front view, we can see all three model manufacturers make they works very good.
But some little difference are to see. On the models from AutoArt we can see a fantastic metallic lacquer - but I find it is to modern for a model who come from the seventies. Kyosho use a metallic lacquer too. The lacquer is not to modern like the AUTOart one. The lacquer from Minichamps is good and pure.
On this pictures we can see that AutoArt gives their models the biggest chrome ornaments.
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BMW 1600 vs 2002: Part II

Side view

On the side view we can also see some differences. The 2002 Cabrio have only chrome ornament on the side.
The rims. Minichamps uses for their both models the same rims. Kyosho and AutoArt gives their models their individual own rims.

All three models uses the same outside mirrors and door handles, but on my Cabrio model from Minichamps wasn't stable the outside mirrors.

The Interior

The Interiors is in principle the same. Only the colors are different from model to model.
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BMW 1600 vs 2002: Part III

The Engine

All engines are principle different - of cause, the models are different. Nice are the differences on the hood mechanics. Kyosho and Minichamps uses in principle the same hood mechanics. AutoArt gives their models two fine-mechanical hood holders.

The Trunk

All trunks are different. The purest trunk have the AutoArt model. No carpet and the work is bad. Both models have some splits in the body. This is, what I know from the manufacturers like MotorMax, Bburago and so. This is a very bad thing.

The trunks on Kyosho and Minichamps are very nice. Both manufacturers gives their models removable spare wheels. The spare wheels are under a removable rubber-mat (Kyosho) or a removable plastic-mat. The qualtity of the trunks are much better than the models from AutoArt.

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BMW 1600 vs 2002: Part IV

Back side view

The backside view shows the same differents like the front view and the side view.



For refers to errors don't hesitate to show me this.

This should be a little review of different manufacturer works from the BMW 2002 series.

All six models are very nice. But it is very interesting to see one model from different manufacturers.

(PS: I need some pictures from BMW 2002 Turbo AutoArt... :danbana )
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I think the best manufacturer is Kyosho. Kyosho have a very good lacqer and the gummi-mat is a good idea for the removable spare wheels.

But I think for a complet collection all three manufacturers are a 'must have'. AutoArt is the only manufacturer for the Baur Cabrio, Minichamps is the only manufacturer for the Cabrio. And the best compromis between price, features and quality is Kyosho.

PS: All six models are dealer versions...
By the way, the green AutoArt BMW 2002L coasts in germany beetween 20 and 25 Euros... :woohoo
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