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I must have accidentally done something as every time someone replies to this message I get an email. :WTF

I have tried to follow the instructions in the email, but have not succeeded. Any help would be appreciated. :giggle :cheers

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Thanks for the kind words Alon. I really didn't do much. In Photoshop version 7, here are the sequence of key combinations I pressed:

Control+Shift+Alt+L (Auto Contrast)
Control+Shift+L (Auto Level)
Control+Shift+B (Auto Colour)

Usually, they 3 combinations do a really good job of making the colours vivid. Sometimes it does not work so well and I have to manually adjust them. In addition, what looks really good on my wife's LCD display does not look so colourful on an older tube type monitor (Cathode Ray Tube). So I adjust my colours on a CRT so on a not-so-good display, the colours still look good. On an LCD screen, it should look even better.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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