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Hi guys!

Another custom I did during X-mas holidays:

BMW 740iL (E38) Individual - Fjord Grey/Burgundy
w/ Shadowline and M-parallels
[based on OttOmobile]

I was very happy about the E38 by OttO but not quite satisfied with the spec and color choice.
Regarding the sporty spirit of the most beautiful 7series ever I prefer it without chrome trim and on other wheels.
So again I had to create my own version.

I stripped and repainted it in #310 Fjord Grey:

Something on the front of stock version looks weird and by taking it apart I found the reason.
The headlamp glasses are very thick and the light refraction from the edges causes a bright frame around.
I just lined the edges with a black marker which makes a huge difference (2nd picture: left side original, right side fixed):

The other spot is the protruding kidney grille which looks too massive.
After pulling it out I grinded it from the back down to half size (again left side original, right side fixed):

Further I blacked the inner grille bars so that's why it's no 750 anymore (optically).

I replaced the wheels by 18" M-parallels (from Uli Nowak) and repainted the interior into Burgundy, enhanced with carpet and fabric belts.

So that's my idea of a tasty E38:


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Now that is what they should have produced!

Awesome work as usual Rainer!

Nice job Rainer!

I wonder if you feel the same as me about 18 inch wheels on a 7 series... its somehow screaming for 19 ich or a 3cm M lowering kit...

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As the cute redheaded woman says on Wendy's commercials here in the United States, "Now that's better!" I'll be content to add the E38 by OTTO to my collection even without modifications. But I think it looks much better with a sportier personality- the Shadowline trim and M-Parallel wheels are much better-suited to the car's character in my opinion. And as always, I love your knack for picking out great BMW Individual color combinations, and your work looks fantastic!

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If they made it like this I would have bought one by now. This looks amazing. Perfect interior and wheels. And the paint choice is great. I really like what you did!!!

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Amazing job man!
The color choice of interior/exterior
. Also the improvements in the lenses and grills in nice. I agree also the E38 are really amazing cars but I also like a lot the E66 7 series (facelift) ones, they are also pure elegance!
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