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BMW Catalogs

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Here in these picture, I got the 2 last model catalogs from BMW (years 2003-2004 and 2004-2005).

Anyone got previous catalogues from BMW? and can upload pictures?
or if he doesn't need them or got 2 from the same one - send one to me ?

Thanks in advance!

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Wow, Nadav, those are great looking miniature BMW catalogs. Where did you get them? I would love to get a hold of some.

Thanks for posting and sharing.
You can get the catalog when you buy a Dealer verison of BMW from the BMW Dealer in europe.
I got my catalogues from friend in Germany & England because in israel the dealership doesn't have models.

Every catalogue has about 100 pages, and reviews all BMW Dealer edition from 1:10 to 1:100
Cars, Motorbikes, F1, etc.
can you get this at any dealership that sell BMW models??
Yes. Here in Toronto, some dealers have them available in the showroom, others you need to ask the folks at the parts department or the Lifestyle collection area
Hi, i have the second one of your photo (5er series)and an old one with the Z4 in the front page.

I took them from the BMW dealer here. I want the last one you have
tomorrow i´ll take a photo for you Nadav
thanks Alvaro :cheers
about the old one with the Z4 in the front page , can you request another one from the BMW dealer and send it for me because in israel didn't have a BMW dealer and i didn't have this catalog and i very want it :danbana
thank you very much Alvaro

i want this catalog with the Z4 so bad...... :cry

i wait for your answer :danbana
I mean you can order this catalog from the BMW-Website (www.bmw.com)...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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