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Considering the minichamps E46 M3 GTR...
anyone with the cars would like to coment or post a review?
some pics would be SWEET!!!!! :danbanna :danbanna :danbanna

the one i saw was the silver one wif the bling bling rims...hehe....

PS: if i could have gotten the estoril blue i would have.... dang....

I have the #42 Petit Le Mans racer, which, aside from the paintscheme, is identical to the "road going" versions. I think it's a bit harder to find, however.

Crappy picture, but that's the only one I've got, can't find the time to shoot it properly. Or at least, try to. I'm sure the photo experts will be able to showcase this model much more properly. ;)

I'm no expert, but I'll tell you one thing... It's heavy, with a capital H! The underside is made from metal, unlike 99% of other diecast models I've seen.

There's a lot of detail on it, not quite up to Exoto standards, but not far from the newer AutoArt race cars. The interior's well made, lots of details. The seat's made out of rubber or something like it, it feels very rubberish. All the hoses inside the car are made of rubber, giving them a nice feeling to touch. The ventilation hose that exits behind the passenger door is tied to the rollcage with a small piece of black rope, and the roll cage itself is very well made. On the outside, well, there's a lot of proper race car stuff. The tow hooks are well made, I like the air jack connector situated on the trunk. The lights are pretty good, although I think the front lenses are a bit too dark when compared to the real car. The hood pins are insanely well detailed, and the paint is pretty good thorough. The stance is just about perfect, it's very low. Looks really cool.

Things I don't like about it: All the sponsor stickers are decals, not tampos, as a matter of fact one of the IMSA logo on the side is slightly "chipped". There's not a whole lot to see under the hood, but the real car was like that as well. I do like how they added details to the reservoir covers. It's a bit of a shame the vents behind the wheels aren't real, they're just stickers. I wish the brakes had a bit more detail, but nonetheless, it's got a very "quality" feel to it.

I like it a lot, I don't think any collection can be complete without one. :)

I agree with peearr. Even though I have the "street" presentation version (no decals to worry about) I think it's an excellent model. These can be found for about $60 now and at that price, they can't be beat. Comparing this model to Exoto really isn't fair due to the huge price difference but you'll get your moneys worth. The new dealer "Phoenix yellow (or gold)" version has the same rims as the blue one. :cheers

MockingBird said:
thanx for the review.... :)
hope it won't turn out to be a disapointment

any more views on this car?

such a waste that i won't be able to take pics :(
Hey MB, check this out, Felix posted a set of awesome shots of the racing version. :cheers If you need more pics of the silver one, let me know.
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