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I have already got the standard release of the Jägermeister and TICTAC M3 DTM's by Minichamps now i have these 3 i just need 5 more and all 10 will be mine.

This is like a mission for me, like Sir Gary and his AUTOart 917's i really would like all of these M3 DTM's.

What a need know is....

Dealer Edition Jägermeister
Dealer Edition TICTAC
Dealer Edition Warsteiner R.Ravaglia
Dealer Edition Diebels Alt
Regular Edition BLAUPAUNT/LUI

whilst i will be on a scout for them, here are my latest 3
Regular Edition Herpa
Regular Edition Rudy Billen
Dealer Edition Warsteiner E.Van De Poele

Here are the pictures
1st the Herpa


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The Engine

The Interior

Now pics of the best part of the livery on each car

On the rear spoiler on the Herpa, what the company makes

On the side skirt on the Rudy Billen, a great statement

On the body of the Warsteiner, the famous M Logo

Vince: Which livery do you to prefer?
Sid: None of these, the Jägermeister is mine, but out of these 3 the Warsteiner.
Eddy: Mines the red one.
Vince: There are 2 red ones.
Eddy: No theres one red and one burgandy one.
Vince: Oh, so there is.

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very nice! :coolpics

Now I've got a questions for ya, are u gonna "collect" all the Autoart M3 DTM's too? Cause they're coming out now, I think you're gonna be broke soon :giggle

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Very nice models. Thanks for sharing the photos. The Rudy Billen car looks neat with the red rims. I recently got hooked on the E30 M3's as well. I have the Diebels Alt, #39 Jagermeister, Herpa, Warsteiner Ravaglia, Lui and regular edition tic tac. Love them all. I'd like to add the dealer Jagermeister some time if I can find it at a decent price. I'm debating whether to get the Autoart versions. I'm not a big fan of the way they sculptured the front end.

Think you might enjoy this webpage.


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