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Reference Photos :

Applied in 1:18

List of Job :

- Wheels swapped with ADV 5.1
- Brakes swapped with Metal
- Brakes Caliper Painted in yellow

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Thank you guys..

I'm waiting for another M3 to come.
Gonna put ADV.10 on it next..

I'm not feeling these one bit - I do like the wheels on the one your modded though, the front bib splitters will look ace on it too.

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I hope you're not putting VMR ahead of BBS and Volk lol the two former are in a different league compared to VMR

Possibly quality wise. As far as aesthetically on an E92 or E46 M3 I'd personally judge each of the three on a case by case basis. I've seen great examples and "meh" examples really. Affordability is another influence too.

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Or maybe just different car manufacturers have the same name for different colors.
I just painted two models with Griggio Silverstone that was mixed for me by Glazurit by exact Ferrari specifications. This is what it looks like

It took a while but I found a BMW paint chart online that had a color called silverstone and it does look lighter, so I don't know what the deal is.
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