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Same story as the other E36 GTR... :giggle

This car was driven by Jörg and Dirk Mϋller (not related). Finished 2nd in GT (behind #6 PTG car) at Petit Le Mans.

Edit: Correction thanks to Mike. :cheers

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Congrats, Gian! :nicejob :cheers

Great minds do think alike, as I've bought both #42 & #43 last week. :happy The #43 arrived yesterday (#42 in transit), but I haven't had the chance to take any photos yet. :cheers

Beautiful pics, btw. The first pic shows a happy face and I really like the angle of the second shot. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

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Great car Gian and :coolpics :cheers

small correction though.

The #43 car shown here and diven by the Muller's(not related) was the 2001 Petit LeMans car that did finish 2nd in class 1 lap behind the class winning #6 PTG M3 GTR. The #42 car finished 4th in class(5 laps down on GT winner).

However, it was the #42 car driven by both Jorg Muller and JJ Lehto that won the overall championship with Jorg taking the drivers championship and JJ taking 2nd.

The difference b/t the 4 Minichamps models released, is that the Minichamps cars are the Petit cars and the BMW issue are the series cars, therefor if anyone has an extra BMW issue #42 car for sale I could be interested. :cheers

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Thank you Nadav, dragon_fly, Dirk and Mike! :happy


I stand corrected. The driver combinations seen in the 2001 BMW team always had me confused. Do you know by any chance why they did that?

And many thanks for the correction. I edited my first post. :cheers :cheers

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I'm not to clear on the whole thing, but here's my understanding.

BMW Motorsports(AG) split JJ and Jorg b/c Jorg had a 1 point advantage over JJ going into this race and this would give each driver an equal opportunity to win the championship in different cars. This was 2 years prior to the ALMS changing their rules to allow co-winners(2002 saw the same thing in the Porsche's with Maasen and Luhr I believe).

Jorg won the championship with 191 pts and JJ with 186 pts. BMW won the manufacturer's championship with 204 pts(24 over Porsche). Also, the V8 GTR wasn't introduced until Sebring and it won with Jorg and JJ at the wheel.

Here's what the BMW M3 GTR did in 2001:
from motorsport.com

Seven victories and six poles in ten races!!! :woohoo

Following the ALMS season opener in Fort Worth, Texas, at which both the German and the American BMW teams were still running last year's cars, the new BMW M3 GTR made its debut at the Sebring 12 Hours. This endurance race in Florida served as the first test drive for the GT sports car - which stayed the course around the clock. "But," said Charly Lamm recalling the subsequent inspection of the car, "It would hardly have lasted another mile." The March race at Sebring saw Lehto/J. Muller claim the first podium place for the BMW M3 GTR.

The subsequent European guest appearance at Donington (GB) saw both BMW cars retiring from the race. But the next event in Jarama (E) was to provide compensation with the coupe claiming its first one-two victory (winners: Ekblom/D. Muller). Sears Point in California saw BMW contesting the race in the new sports cars with its full team complement. From then on, PTG also fielded two M3 GTRs. At Sears Point, victory went to Lehto/J. Muller, with the following race in Portland claimed by Stuck/Said. In Mosport, Mid-Ohio and Laguna Seca, one-two victories were gleaned by Lehto/J. Muller ahead of Ekblom/D. Muller. The final had Auberlen/Said/ Stuck claiming victory number seven for BMW.

Final standings GT Class ALMS 2001, drivers:
1. Jörg Müller, BMW, 191 points
2. JJ Lehto, BMW, 186
3. Sascha Maassen, Porsche, 177
4. Lucas Luhr, Porsche, 176
5. Boris Said, BMW, 169
6. Dirk Müller, BMW, 164
7. Fredrik Ekblom, BMW, 159
8. Hans-Joachim Stuck, BMW, 158
9. Randy Pobst, Porsche, 148
10. Christian Menzel, Porsche,148

1. BMW, 204
2. Porsche, 180
3. Callaway, 22

1. Team BMW Motorsport, 194
2. Alex Job Racing, 180
3. BMW Team PTG, 170
4. Seikel Motorsport, 112
5. Kyser Racing, 106
6. Petersen, 104

:yahoo BMW

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Thanks for the info, Mike!

The 2001 ALMS season has to be one of my favorites. The GT class was finally anything but a Porsche cup. We saw the heated BMW vs BMW battles, Saleen kicking the Vette's a** at Sebring, some championship upsets, etc.,etc.,etc.

Let's hope the current season is more interesting then last year's. :cheers
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