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Took a few pics of this bad boy from Minichamps, Its a very heavy model, i was surprsed.

:tongue :giggle
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Great photos! Congratulations on you new addition! :cheers

Thanks DC4ME :cheers
Congrats on the new one :cheers
I just picked up #43 on Saturday :danbana
Thanks dragon_fly :cheers
looks great, nice pics :coolpics
Wow !!!
Don't go tempting me like that !!!

What the hell am I doing on this thread ??

AAAaaaarrrghhh........it's coming........ :tempted :tempted :tempted :tempted

Too late
Is it decals or tampos on the exterior?

Does this look really great ?
Thanks MP :cheers I'll get the #43 next month :giggle
Thanks nadav_86 :cheers
I think its decals.
Minichamps did an amazin job on theses BMW M3 GTR's. Yes the GTR looks great Vatabot :cheers
:lol You're getting :tempted :wink
I have the same moddel, but mine doesn't have a "HUBER" sticker on the sides of the car, can sombody tell the differends between the cars

but it's an amazing model and great pics :cheers
Congrats RGUNZ on your ELMS car! :happy :happy I have the #43 ALMS car and know just what you mean when you say it's very heavy! It's one of the more treasured cars within my collection.
Congrats RG on getting that hot Bimmer! :tongue

It's one of my all time favorites and probably the heaviest in my collection thus far. :cheers
That's a beasty GTR, Congrat's RG, I have the red street as well waiting for my Green street to arrive, heavy they are, full of detail as well :happy

I do love the rear shot you took :nicejob

The one you have is the first edtion, they are sold out. Minichamps released them now as ELMS racers.
Thanks Schaap :cheers
Thanks StygianMax :cheers i will get the #43 100% :giggle
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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