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Can someone please post a list of colors and production numbers for the BMW M3 GTR street version.

I have only come up with these colors, but I know there are more.
  • Estoril Blue-3000 pieces
  • Oxford Green- 3000 pieces
  • Carbon Black-3000 piecess
  • Phoenix Yellow-3000 pieces
  • Silver w/ Carbon Roof
  • Silver
  • Red

Thanks, updated with everyones help :cheers

If there are any missing, please let me know and I will edit once again.

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I think there's also a "imola red", which is different to the standard "street red".

Actually, i'm quite sure someone posted a photo of this color once.......let me try and find the thread.

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Wow! I never realized there where so many! Quite striking cars

Falling in another blackhole Darrick? :giggle

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Dealer cars LE "3000"
[*]Estoril Blue-3000 pieces
[*]Carbon Black-3000 pieces
[*]Phoenix Yellow-3000 piece
[*]Oxford Green- 3000 pieces

Standard release.
[*]Silver w/ Carbon Roof

I need a Black car to finish my set, its the car that cost the most out of the bunch.


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Yep :giggle

I've got one down, now just seven more to go I guess.

I was looking to start another collection with the AUTOart GT3R models, but we all know that isn't going to happen, so I am going this route. Should be a fun hunt.

If anyone sees any links with any of these models for a good price, please let me know.

Thanks for the help.

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Estroil blue and cabron black, figures maybe $200USD+ each now, plus shipping.

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Wasn't there also a dark navy blue, I recall seeing someone post something on it. :confused

Can someone please confirm :feedback

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That's the carbon black car, it looks like navy blue in different lighting condition, just like the real car...

As far as product number goes, there is only 1 red catalogued.

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So the darker red is a custom job?

I will remove it from the list.

Does anyone know of any official listings of these models.
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