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My 2nd Kyosho model (my first was a Jota SVR). I am very happy with it and here is why.

First a little background. I went to Nurburgring this year and got to see one of these beauties as well as many other M5s there (didn't get the taxi ride in it unfortunately, but maybe some day!). I saw the model at local hobby shop and really liked it.

Now what happened was on wednesday it was Saint Nicholas' day, and my family celebrates this every year, we all leave our shoes (this is the tradition) at the door and presents show up magically during the night :giggle . Anyway, my present was actually this Kyosho M5. I was very happy to see I got it as a present. Also, for the model itself, I have found it is as good as the best Autoart's I have save the Mazda 787B. Anyway, on to the review:

Very nice brakes, they have like holes through them. The calipers could have a little more detail I suppose, but as far as I'm concerned, these are perfect!
accuracy=10 detail=9.5*
*not 10 since not removable wheel to take a closer look

The engine is pretty good. I'm not sure how much more they could show with more "detail", as the real engine itself doesn't have that much "detail" in the first place. Overall accurate and good look to it.
accuracy=9 detail=9

Really nice exterior. The headlights are not completely perfect and neither are the tail lights. Other than that, it is all really really good I would say. There's no gaps to speak of, so that's really nice too.
accuracy=9 detail=8.5

Pretty damn good interior. All 4 doors open, you can see the computer display in the middle of the car tilted towards the driver, the BMW logo on the steering wheel is pretty cool and the seats look quite realistic. Could have been more detailed like the Minichamps SL500, or the Maybach AUTOart models, but for the price, it's as good as it can get I think.
accuracy=8 detail=8

Could not be better I think. The tampos or whatever they are on the car that makes the "taxi" are just so nice to look at, and the exterior paint finish is absolutely gorgeous and something that mesmerizes me. I will give this a 10/10 since I am absolutely stunned with the it.
accuracy=10 detail=10

Read above. I think they are all tampos, and I could not find anything less than perfect with all of them.
accuracy=10 detail=10

All very nice. Other than the fact they're not labeled with anything (michelin or what not), the tyres look realistic.
accuracy=8 detail=8

Pretty detailed undercarriage actually. Can see the muffler and exhaust (very nice detail actually!), and the drivetrain/axle (whatever it's called) at the front and back. Uhm, yep, really good detail there.
accuracy=9 detail=10

Overall Accuracy = 9.125
Overall Detail = 9.125

Overall Total =9.1

I do believe this is my highest rated model so far. Perhaps I rated the Skyline GT4 by AUTOart more since it was my first AUTOart and that was quite special. If you didn't get it yet, this is a really nice model, easily bests the best of AUTOart in my honest opinion (except the 787B). Maybe the Minichamps SL500 or such (Minichamps Carrera GT?) would be a bit more detailed too. Other than that great model. It's too bad you can't really find the regular M5 anymore though so if you didn't get one already you're kind of out of luck (not that I care for the regular M5, I just wanted the taxi).

**Review added to the DX Model Review Database**

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I would actually go as far as to say the Kyosho M5 and M6 are better than autoart models of a similar price. The one area where autoart is maybe stronger in general is the wheels.

I really like this car - one in which I have been on the fence about for a while now.

I think it will look great next to a BMW Williams F1 model :giggle

thanks for the review :cheers
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