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This is a BMW X3 3.0d Dealer Edition By Kyosho

The 1:1 car has had quite alot of Criticism in the Specialist Motoring press, and having driven one which my Uncle had borrowed from one of his work freind's i must say it isn't a good car.

The Interior Materials look and feal second rate, BMW say that everything on the inside is made to be recycled, but by the look and feal of thing's everything on the inside already has been recycled.

Its certainly not a looker either, if the bumper's were the same colour as the body then it wouldn't be so bad, but it's certainly not a car you would buy for it's looks, neally all modern BMW's from the Newest 7-Series onword's have had a styling problem.

Since the X5 was terrible off-road, this is just as bad, even worse, low ground clearnce means that i would be very good over rough terain, both BMW SUV's can not compete with the Range-Rover in any area of design, let alone Off-Road.

But the worst thing is the ride, this car has Firm suspention and come's Standard with Run-flat tyre's, you don't get a choice about that, these tyre's make the handling very figgerty and conbined with the firm suspention make the ride Rock Hard.

If you were Insane and Crazy Enough to buy one then make sure you live in a area which doesn't have and Speed bump's or pot-hole's.

This model though (apart from the, frankely rubbish engine detail) is a really nice model, it has the usual Kyosho detail and it has some nice touches such as split folding rear seats (The standard X3 Model has folding rear seats but only fold down as a single piece) and a SkateBoard which is made by BMW themself's, Ronan said in a post that this SkateBoard was dangerous and had a design defect, can't remember what though.

Here are the close up picture's


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Vince: Whoo Hoo I can skate just like when i was young.

Vince: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH i fell off, that hurt
Sid: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, that was so funny
Eddy: What a fool you sometines are Vince.

Sid: You feeling O.K Now
Vince: Yes
Sid: Let's Off-Road
Vince: This should be fun

Sid: Oh S***, were stuck
Vince: What do you mean were stuck we have only driven 5 yard's, what you doing now.
Sid: Im calling Eddy on my Mobile Phone.
(Phone Ring's)
Sid: Hello Eddy, could you bring over a Range-Rover and a tow rope.

Sid: If Mr V get's a 1:18 X5 remind me not to take it off-road.
Vince: O.K then, at least the Range-Rover goes off-road and is good, even the Cayenne is better than this.

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:giggle Mr V. Are you feeling alright? :giggle

The X3 is a crappy 1:1, but the Kyosho version of it is pretty darn good. I also think that making a model of the 3.0d version is a step out of the ordinary too.

I've got the blue regular release 3.0i. I wonder if the seats fold in mine?


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In the real X3's defence, its cargo capacity is better than the X5 :giggle

The sports package that is available definitely improve the appearance on the car, in fact, it looks WAAY better since it includes the color coded bumpers as well.

The Kyosho X3 detail is quite nice, thanks for sharing! :cheers

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I watched 5th gear last night and they were road testing the X3 .
They seemed to like the styling and praised the interior design , especially with the removal of that stupid i-drive.

Unfortunately its off road capability sucks , but then again , how mant people (here in the UK at least ) are gonna take a £30,000 car off road. A speed hump or the odd raised kerb will no doubt be the biggest obstacle the X3 will ever come face to face with.

Mr.V , I also see that you make comparison in your text to the Range Rover and the Cayenne . The X3 was never meant to be up against those 4x4`s and was infact brought out to compete against the Landrover Freelander and smaller 4x4`s.

Personally I think the car is ugly , although a neighbopur of mine has just bought a new Tdi version with colour coded bumpers and 18 " wheels , which is a big improvement . I also dont like the Kyosho version , its interior looks no better than a Maisto. Overall the car looks rather rough in my opinion.
I have the X5 and it is gorgeous compared to this X3.

Anyway , congrats on your latest , so long as youre happy with it , thats all that matters. :cheers
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