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Hi guyz.
So... When I opened this amazing model you see this really good silver paint job.
I'ts not that light too.
When I got it out of the box you see all the amazing that kyosho put in it.
The center console painted amazing and all buttons the sits.
The engine is well done and I like it.
I got to say kyosho made amazing dealer edition.
So enjoy the pics and see what I talked about.



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Congrats, great pics as usual :cheers

I'll be picking up the KY 1/12 dealer in gun gray (think that's what that shade is called).

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Very impressive!
You can actually put down a few words about your newest model instead of just a million pics :cheers
WTG, MTO :nicejob

AMAZING! :wink
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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