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This model has been finished for a while but I've put off taking photos until now. You may remember this car from before, and that's because it used to only have 22" Maybach wheels and AMG exhaust. Now, it has a full resin Brabus transkit that consists of the front and rear bumpers, fog lights, and the AMG exhaust has been changed to the Brabus style. The grille has also gotten a matte black treatment.

You've also probably seen something similar because this kit is from Diecastcustoms-NRW himself and he made a work in progress thread here: http://www.diecastxchange.com/forum1/topic/58703-a-thick-ship/
All of the modified parts on these cars are from Michael, and made from resin. The quality is top notch. Michael was able to help me out with the Brabus kit by deleting the license plate holder and painting the kit black for me. All I had to do was swap it in once it arrived. I really love how this model looks now, even more than before.

Here's the original model with its friends:


I'll just like a few photos of the old one style.


Here's how it looks now with its friends. The friends also got thicker tires than before.


560SEL with Baroque Bundt Wheels.

S320 with AMG multi piece wheels, S600 grille, AMG exhaust.

S500 with AMG Monobock wheels and AMG exhaust.

This is a new one. S500 with sport package, S55 quad exhaust, Carlsson multi piece wheels, Big Brake Kit with red calipers (resin).

CL500 Lorinser.


The 560SEL, S320, S500, and S600 are based on Norevs. The S500 is a Maisto Playerz. The CL500 Lorinser is Autoart.

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Nice mods Nathan, thanks for the photos!

I gotta say your 'car park' is the perfect backdrop and puts your signature on the pics!

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Thanks for the comments.

Michael aka Diecastcustoms-NRW is selling these resin kits. They consist of the front bumper, fog lights, rear bumper, muffler, 2 exhaust tips. He now has period correct Brabus wheels as well which would go perfectly for this model, but I got the Maybach rims before the Brabus rims were even available. Just contact Michael and he can help you out. Quality and installation is nice and easy.

I thought about doing a tint to it but I'd have to be really dark (as that's the only tint I have). It would really make the car all gangstered out, but I feel like it'll be a little overdone. I just want to emphasize the body kit, and not make it too much of a gangster car.

Yes, I love my modified S-Classes. The only thing I'm missing is a custom W221. I'm thinking about getting a Lorinser kit handmade for that one...

The parking garage is handmade by me. You can find more pictures and information here:


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i love this setup!!!! ....dispite some reflections its a very well made shoot !!! my compliments and also no dust ... or at least not visible FIne work here S40

oh correction 3 spots back fender black one whaaaa not worth to mention!
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