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As I stated in my review on Bburago's Smart Roadster-Coupe, I've started to do my custom project of converting it to Brabus' V6-engined roadster. I don't plan on doing a perfect replica but something pretty close - wheels and steering wheel will be left stock. So far I've done the following:

- Dismantling the model

- Removing the stickers on the sides of the model (door panels and sideskirts)

- Painting appropriate parts of the interior

- Painting the front section of the model (light/front grille housing)

- Painting the metal of the hatch - to make the metal sections less obvious

- Painting the linings of the door panels (instead of using the stickers)

I'll be posting some more pics showing my progress in the over the next few days. :cheers

GoodLuck with it CSGT!!!!!

I look forward to seing it. :cool
The new dashboard paint looks alot better.


(Please keep us updated with the progress).

looking great so far,
i'm expecting this 2 be good :cheers

how u gonna do the engine, join 2 smart engines or borrow a V6 from another car?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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