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I just got my charger daytona, I couldn't believe the gold mirror, It's one thing not to have the posable wheels(like the gmp gnx), but fixed rotors and gold mirror. .. seriously?? For $60(and i got a deal) !!! I honestly have to side with jeff here too.
Norev use to make amazing porsche/Audi models for around $60, that had everything(short of carpet). I understand licensing is costly, but at least get the basics correct. The model has a nice finish and wheels given that is sealed (minus the super glue haze and the glass that isn't even supposed to be there), but it's got to be accurate. The fixed wheels make me feel like it's a JADA model.

I was really looking forward to the gatsby duesenberg, but considering its just a yellow version of the green $37 signature model i already have, ill pass. I might as well buy another green one, paint it yellow and use an ertl duesy exhaust engine plate.
It's disappointing at times

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€75 overhere.. I pass

Then €150 for the HWE 70s Charger isn't too bad
A lot of collectors thinks the same .... there is a market for everything .. some collects only old classics pre-50's ... some collects only muscle cars ... some only exotics ... some buys anything that comes out ............ and some only buy Star Cars!!! But every market has it's customers!

The main reason why GL is releasing more movie products is because GL buy lots of molds from other company and if one of those cars, by ANY chance, appears for like, a second, in the corner of the screen, in a far away movie sequence, you get the license, paint the car the same color and BAM, it become an official movie product!

And if by chance, one of these mold gets to be made as an official movie car ... it's always a "half full glass" situation because GL don't care about the details , it's like as if the big boss is saying "hey it's close enough, screw the collectors & fans, release like this"

I mean ... when did you see :

- Beverly Hill Cop's Nova as brand new in the movie? The car is a freaking turd!! But GL made it showroom condition ...

- The Great Gatsby without the big exhaust coming out of each side of the engine cover ? You claim it's because the piano hinges work on this scissor hood was too complicated to recreated ... okay, I'm coooool with that ... would it have been too complicated then to replicate the engine parts and GLUED them as if they were coming out of the hood sides?? ... at least, it would have looked like the real car!!

- Hangover police car ... what would it cost to correct tiny details has putting accurate front pushbar and another thing I mentioned in another thread (but I don't remember what now)

- Fast & Furious 6 Charger Daytona ... what is with the deal with the golden rearview mirror on the driver's door??? Did anyone at Greenlight ever watched the movie and noticed that it is suppose to be chrome, not gold!! And there is no side windows on that Charger ... why did GL put some on it???

I suppose that it's the studios that told GL to make it gold?? Of course GL will say that they are the one who authorized it like this ... but probably, most of the studio's head office never saw the movie, or did once when it came out ..... they remembered the whole car looked similar and gave their approval, but the truth is that GL would've put a pink mirror with green dots on it, and they would have said ok anyway!

You see my point?

I know I will probably get "bash" again here (if not banned) just for writing this message ... and I'll get a few of "hey we got your point, if you don't like their models, don't buy" ..... it's easy to say ... the thing is that I like movie & tv cars ... I'm sure everybody knows it up to this point!

And just to set the records STRAIGHT here, like many many many other star cars collectors on other forums, I LOVE .... WE ALL LOVE the subjects GL is choosing to make as Star Cars ... and the upcoming National Lampoon's Truckster, Pussy Wagon, Field of Dreams VW ... THEY ARE ALL AWESOME PROJECTS THAT WE ALL WANT TO ADD TO OUR COLLECTION !!!! .....

that is not the point ...

We would just love it, if GL would AT LEAST give and put the effort to make them accurate on every level ... that's all!!!

Man I tell you (and I know it is not just me saying this) ... but I would buy EVERY DAMN MODEL Greenlight makes if they got all the details dead on even for an extra 15$ per model!

Just to say .... a LOT of us were very excited to get the Beverly Hill Cop Nova .... but once we say the pictures ...
.... Ma-aaan GL has lost a load of buyers that were very disappointed by it ... and the 100$+ price tag for a sealed "GMP" mold that wasn't even accurate ...

That's all we are asking ... sealed them up if you want ... but PLEASE make them ACCURATE!

That's all we want Matt ... That's all we want Greenlight!

That being said ... have a good one too Matt


i agree with this as well. i believe most collectors are will to pay more for a better more accurate diecast. i paid $200 for the hotwheels charger and i really like it and i would have paid more for a better version of the daytona that opened. i understand way greenlight is making these sealed models but i still believe they would be better off making them open. and if they are to be sealed to make them cheaper, make the outside much more detailed and accurate. the supernatural impala and the daytona could have been so much better even if there sealed. the impalas wheels were designed wrong and the gold mirror on the daytona is just confusing how you could have got that wrong
i love greenlight is making new models but its disappointing that there not more accurate and not open. like the new daytona. its a great car and i was happy to see it but was so disappointing that it is sealed and how can they make some so obvious flaws, like that gold mirror. greenlight is a good diecast company i like how they communicate on the forums and keep bringing out new models. just need a bit of fine tuning. glad to see greenlight is trying to fix the mirror issue. i will be trying to contact them on that. :D

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I think collectors need to realize that Greenlight is a budget brand that sells over half of their product at places like Wal mart. They are in the same league as Maisto and Bbuargo. Therefore expecting anything near HWE yet alone Autoart quality is not recommended. I love their product but the price sometimes turns me away. There is a lot of variation in pricing for Greenlight diecast though so deals can be had. I would love to see more Muscle cars from this company and I think you will find the muscle car guys are more than willing to look past a couple little issues to get something new and different like say......o I don't know maybe a 69 AMC SC Rambler, 69 Buick GS, 70 Chrysler Hurst 300, 70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and Buick GSX to name just a few!!

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Are there any updates on the release of the 19013 1:18 Artisan Collection - National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - 1979 Family Truckster "Wagon Queen"? I saw that is was originally slated for a late 2015 release. What is the new date and will there be any photos before release?

My hope it is a Hot Wheels Elite quality model which I would be happy to pay for, but at $69.99, I am not sure it will be.

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Are there any updates on the release of the 19013 1:18 Artisan Collection - National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - 1979 Family Truckster "Wagon Queen"? I saw that is was originally slated for a late 2015 release. What is the new date and will there be any photos before release?
Here's some pictures ... suppose to be out in first quarter of 2016 (before April)

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