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Building Diecast Accessories

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Ok I'm thinking of building some accesories, namely some car ramps. I'm thinking of using styrene. Anyone had any experience with it? Do you use different material? How is styrene when painted?

I just want to build a few car ramps in addition to purchasing some of the off the shelf accessories.
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Sorry to ask a question as I know your looking for answers, but what is styrene, is it some form of styrofoam?
Thats ok.

From what ive seen its a form of thin plastic, can come in sheets or strips etc. Model railroaders use it alot so I was thinking of using it to build some stuff for my diecast cars. just type in styrene plastic or evergreen styrene in google for more info.

I haven't bought it or used it myself, hence the question.
Styrene is actually the base plastic product that the plastic parts of die cast models are made of, as well as the core material of plastic models. Evergreen makes multiple shapes, and you can make lots of things from it.

They have diamond/non-slip sheets and other patterned sheets, plus various sitcks of "U", "L", "H", and rounds, both hollow and solid.

If you are looking into doing any customs, you need to know about how to work in styrene.

There is someone out there that is supposed to be building a custom trailer for me, and I sent him some Evergreen tubing to begin the custom with:

N is for the New Zealand he hails from;
O is for the originals that he makes;
C is for the second word in die cast;
K is for his knowledge of the trade; and
Y is for his youth (compared to your's truly)

All together they spell "Nocky", the New Zealander who owes me an Audi R-8, and so much more.

Of course, I promised to pay for the trailer, but that's another :cheers or two!

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ibj do you know any websites with pictures of the styrene? As Ive seen sites with lists of the different products but can't really tell what it is. Don't want to buy something I can't use.

Click on this link:


Odin here is a link which will help you make different accessories for your models.
Hi there Jim, about the money........... :)

Thanks for your comments. :nicejob What type of accessories do you want to make? I look in toy stores for toys that have 1:18th scale or near scale accessories. There are many "action figures" and vehicals that are close enough to use for accessories like tools, weapons, garage parts etc. I have a Dodge Ram truck with a hoist in the back (sometimes called a cherry picker) with stickers on it (from a power company). The hoist came off a toy truck.
I buy quite a few toys/models just to get the wheels from, especially the large, chunky off-road type wheels.
Styrene can be used to make trailers, body parts (cars that is), and many other things. I have also used aluminium tubing to make bull and roll bars for my trucks and cars.
At the end of the day you are only limited by your imagination as I have use things like: shampoo bottle lids for bonnet scoops, disposible shaver heads for hinges, kitchen door hinges for tow truck lifts (hasn't quite worked out yet!), shaver foil for mesh grills...............

Just think about what you want to make then find the things to make it with, you never know, they might be lurking under you nose!

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Atm I'm only thinking of making some car ramps (the drive on type) See how they come out.
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