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Camera Filters

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Anyone got any advice about filters.... am shortly to get my new camera to replace the stolen one, and was reading up a little on filters... but some of the stuff isnt to clear..

this is mainly to do with general photography, not macro and model stuff.. but general outdoors type...

from what Ive read a UV and Polariser filter are a must... but not sure about any others..

the camera Im getting is the Fujifilm S7000, and the tele-conversion lens Im getting comes with a 55mm adapter ring so I am looking at 55mm filters (i guess)
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I've heard a Neutral Density (ND) filter is good to use as well just to protect the lens face.
cheers mate.. had a read of them and learned more... so it's all good...

at least know I know roughly what each filter does and if any are going to be an advantage to me :)
Ouch 55mm isn't cheap though. Filters are definatly something that is a you get what you pay for item. Don't skimp out on quality vs price. Go middle of road and look at what each filter offers. Also might want to look into a lens hood I prefer the flower/petal type but that really isn't that much a deciding factor.
To add to the advice above, I do recall vegasracer mentioning that circular polarizers result in some sort of strange effect on pictures (on the windows I think).
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