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okay, all you modelling masters... how can i get my SL to look like this? perhaps what type of rims are these and IF ANYONE can show me how to get the rims on please help a very anxious member out... i attached a picture of the car, and i hope it works...
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It looks like a simple wheel swap.

Theres a ton of links in the DX Custom Tutorials detailing wheel removal/replacement.
Welcome to the DX Forum jbvdhp!

Like Darrick mentioned, there are a lot of good tutorials in that sub-forum. You might also want to check out the "Search" function. It rules. :cheers
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thanks, but sometimes i dont have the patience when i mess up or so.. you guys really make it easy. for the past couple of years, i've only bought and collected the cars. when i went on ebay, thats when i started to see all these cars for sale that people did. i searched the net for ways to remove wheels, and here i am: been avidly looking at this site everyday since i signed up! thanks!
Glad your enjoying the site. :cheers

If I may make a suggestion. If this is your first mod, why not try a wheel swap on a donor model, this way it will make good practice and if you mess it up...its only a donor and not a good model.

Best of luck with it, can't wait to see the finished product.
Hi there. Unfortunatley I haven't got the time at the moment to get any picts, but the wheels can be ordered form Collectible Diecast (look under accessories). You can get them with spinners or without. The ones on the SL are NOT spinner equipt. I have put these wheels on to Ertl trucks. I removed the truck wheels, sawed off the "spindle"/"axle" in front of the brake calipers then guled on (after carefull lining up) the brake calipers that come with the wheels. Then I place the wheels into the calipers and there you have it. My wheels DO fall off if you "play" with the model but the do turn and they look fine when displayed. Hope this helps, I will try to get some picts soonish.


depends on what brand is that SL...
thanks for all the suggestions. i guess i just have to man up about it and just mess up some models... these things cost a pretty penny somtimes!!! i'll try that site, nocky. i'll post up the pics as soon as i'm done... ahhhh!!!
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