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Probably my first review on DX but certainly not the first model. I am from India and have been collecting for a while. I have decided to be more involved with the hobby and not just buying models. So here I am posting a review.

As the title suggest I have a Ferrari FF to show you guys today. I bought it last year but could only click it until last week. I used a Light Box for the first time and that too I finished building last week. It really helped in getting some good photos. But I am learning and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions to learn and improve.

Back to the Ferrari. People who know me, know that I am not that much into Ferraris, Lamborghinis. I am more into boring everyday sedans, SUVs, Hatches. But the Ferrari FF is not your usual Ferrari. It is a hatchback or a shooting break or whatever you can call. It is a four wheel drive more practical four seater grand tourer. And hence, it had to be a part of my collection.

With no further talking, here is the review:

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

Exterior Paint and Fit and finish - 4.5/5

I was not very hopeful of a great model from HWE because I never explored them before buying this one. It was the only choice I had and I pulled the plug.
But this model is AMAZING.
  • Paint quality is amazing.
  • It is heavy and looks like a solid build.
  • The overall shape and stance is perfect.

There is not much detail on the underbody.

Exterior Detailing(lights, rims etc) - 4/5

There are a lot of good parts here and some bad parts too.

  • Lets start with wheels. Wheels are amazing.
  • They are nicely built. The yellow horse at the center is accurately replicated.
  • The break calipers are nicely detailed with a clear Ferrari logo.
  • The carbon ceramic disc breaks look pretty close to the real ones.
  • I liked the way they actually used wider tyres for the rear wheels.

  • Let move to the lights. They are decent but not great.
  • The front headlights are nicely replicated. The power washer is nicely fitted into the light
  • The black inserts could have been more black.
  • The LED lights section could have been distinguished
  • The insides of the rear lights feel plasticky.

  • Good thing is the side indicator is not painted.

  • The rear fog lights too are properly replicated and not painted which is amazing.

  • I do not like the exhausts. They are plastic and look odd They could have been replicated well.
  • Though the rear parking sensors and camera too is incorporated and not missed. Which is good.
  • The grilles are nicely replicated. There are a lot of them.
  • All the logos are perfectly replicated.
  • I liked how the Ferrari logo on the hood looks like a different part.

  • The Ferrari logo sticker on side is great too.

  • The photoetched pininfarina

  • or, the horse at the rear are nicely replicated.

Interior Detailing - 3.75/5
  • Interiors are definitely good.
  • The blue looks great.
  • I would love to have them more detailed though.
  • The steering wheel is nicely replicated. The center part is protruded. The different section of the wheels are replicated.
  • The mode selector could have been 3D.
  • The buttons on the left of the wheel could have had markings.
  • Stitching on dash could been replicated.
  • The gear shifter could have been less thicker.
  • The pedals are nicely replicated.
  • Carpeted interiors are always good.

  • The center console is nicely replicated.
  • But the markings on the buttons are missing.
  • The vents are nicely replicated.
  • They have that depth.
  • The Ferrari on center console is nice.
  • The 3D looking stick for FF on passenger side is great. Could have been photo-etched.

  • Seats are nicely replicated.
  • The horse embossed on the head rest looks great.
  • The seats have this nice soft feel which is great.
  • Could not click the rear seats properly but they too are very well replicated.

Engine Compartment- 4.5/5
  • I never like the dog leg hinges in the model car.
  • But other than that, the engine bay is nicely replicated
  • It has the depth
  • All the red parts are correctly replicated.
  • The Ferrari logo is neat and correct.

Boot - 2.75/5
  • Again, dog-leg hinges.
  • No carpeting.

At the end, at this price this model is really great. A must have for all the Ferrari lovers. It could have been slightly better at some places.
I am eagerly waiting for the GTC4Lusso.
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Thanks for the review, this is HWE at their best! Very nice model
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Thanks for the review, this is HWE at their best! Very nice model
Thanks ironism.
I do not have a lot of experience with HWE. This is my first and probably the last for a long time.
It is indeed a great model. Exceeded my expectations for sure.
Nice review! Love that blue interior :)
Great Review Pratiik!! Well made and great detailed pics!!
A fine review car-o-phile - thanks for taking the time!
Great detail photos - and as has been said above, one of HWE's finest!
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A fine review car-o-phile - thanks for taking the time!
Great detail photos - and as has been said above, one of HWE's finest!
Thanks mairandeddy!
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