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Since I collect mostly Exoto and CMC 1/18 I was apprehensive about this piece, but it was a "must have" in my classic F-1 collection. The car is well done but definitly not CMC, but it compares favorably to Exoto's F-1 work. Lets get to details;
The rear brake discs rotate within the calipers but the fronts do not. The paint job, as well as seams and fit is excellent, although some would critisize the metalflake blue as being too exterem when compared to the real car. The engine/ exhaust detailing are Auto Art at its best, but not Exoto ( ie. painted on retainer springs and clamps). The drivers seat is clearly plastic with no attempt at a frabic simulation. The wheels may be plastic but they are finished so well that they appear to be metal. The tire tread is perfect for the wet conditions at SPA but the "Goodyear" is not on raised lettering. The suspension is nice, with notable kudos to the simulated welding lines on the front upper arms. Windshield a bit thick, but when was the last (or first) time you saw a scale thickness windshield..
OK, now for the good news. I just recieved mt Eagle yesterday and I would not part with it. Overall it is a "must own" for any collector of F-1. Aside from the difference between it and the more recent CMC releases it is quite impressive in display. I rate diecast in inches; I can get right inside the Exoto Mercer C9 or the CMC Auto Union C and be content, most Maisto at 3 feet....this Eagle I would rate at 8 inches viewing distance..It is worth owning and worth the price as long as the price is under $100..

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Thanks GT..I try to be specific..I could write 10 pages on each of the pieces I own but I do not want to be boring or unreadable..do you collect 1/18?

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Thanks to all of you who have responded to my review, as short as it was. You are truly a group of diecast fanatics!..If any of you are interested in my comments on the few cars I own I would be more than happy to respond..they are; Exoto, Mercer C9 Thackwell, Ford GT40Mk 4 standox (I have serious reservations and delights about this paint)..'62 Cobra polished aluminum-soft top.
CMC: mercer W125, Auto unions D and C..
Afterword on the eagle..I noticed mine had way too much "toe out" so in an effort to investigate any cure I dissassembled the front end. (yes gentleman, I not only handle them, I will mess with them on occasion) Get this!!..there is a lot of covered up detail under that front cowling. I just might modify mine to make the cowling removal a matter one screw extraction. I display my Auto Union C with cowlings off sometimes for the same reason..lots of nice stuff under there.
Thanks again for the replies, and if any of you need a supply of impossibly small hex head bolts to replace those nasty phillips that they use on most of our diecast let me know..My local hobby shop has a nice selection for the railroad buffs..CMC is a big offender with those phillips in the most visible suspension areas...
Yours truly, Dirk Duck..teenage testpilot

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Well Masterr Duck, I would like to hear about all the cars you mentioned :danbanna

Better get typing :giggle

It seems that alot of the cars have hidden detail.
I have taken apart the GMP Lola's and found the same thing.
If I could ever get my hands of a Carousel 1 Indy Roadster for a real cheap price, I want to take the body off and display the chassis :happy

Thanks again for the Eagle review :cheers

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Max Power; it seems that the better quality models are constructed in much the same way as the originals. There are even some Italian modelers who make every part of the same material as the real car, in 1/10 scale..but they sell for 15-30 thousand. Check out this site about them, but better have a beer or sedative handy..lol


sorry but you will have to type it in, it WILL be worth it... enjoy and lust after the best of the auto models on the planet...

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Sitting Duck,

Welcome aboard and glad to have you.

Hope you enjoy the forums. :cheers

Thanks for the review. :cheers
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