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Chaparral 2J #66 V.Elford Can-Am 1970 (Replicarz)

Outwardly it is fine, the paint is perfect and the decals too, the car is removed the hood, although in a very unreal way, since the real car the rear panel with the fans remains fixed to the chassis when removing the hood and in this everything goes in one piece, the same as the side skirts that go where the engine, in the real one they are fixed to the chassis and in this they also go in the same piece with the rest of the hood, the rest of the bodywork as is normal in a Resin car has small metal photo-etched images imitating the closures, the nose grille is blind and the radiator is a metal photo-etched, the bottom skirts are made of a blister-style material although I see them too short they would have to touch almost the ground, the worst What I see are the rims and tires, they look very toy, the rims are quite sad and they look very plastic, the same for the tires, it has disc brakes on all 4 wheels

The interior is very simple, it is not very detailed, the floor is plastic and painted in gray, the seat is plastic and the seat belts are made of fabric, the dashboard is well reproduced with its rpm speed markers, etc. also behind the frame has the wiring, the steering wheel is plastic and is not very detailed

The engine area is well detailed, it has the peculiarity that it has two engines, a Chevrolet V8 and then another small snowmobile engine that is the one that moves the fans to suck the air, both are well detailed with all their components and their respective wiring, on the sides you can see some tanks with their hoses, which I less like the parts that look quite plastic, like the area under the small motor

now the photos

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