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Chaparral Cars, Inc. vs Exoto, Inc.

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Just wanted to give all Exoto loyalist a heads up. I have already posted on other forums, just felt it my duty to pass it along. Recently, January 13, Chaparral Cars, Inc. filed a "Plaintiffs Original Petition" which basically states that Exoto has not paid any Royalty interest to Chap. cars for the cars sold by Exoto. This information is a matter of public record filed in Midland Texas County Clerks office cause #CV47225.

On Feb. 26 of this year a Judge issued a "Final Judgment" (same Cause #)in favor of Chap. Cars. Inc, for the payment of $600,000 in royalty interest, plus $1.8 million in exemplary damages. It is my understanding that this has not been finalized on the judgment, and it is possible that Exoto may appeal. I also understand that this does not give any indication that Exoto will stop future productions of Chaparral cars. This is just to inform the Exoto community of what possibilities the future holds.

If you have preordered the 2J, and Exoto has already taken your money, then you may have to do some sole searching on what to do. You might call Exoto, but not sure what kind of answer you might get from them.

In my opinion, this situation only shows that its not just how Exoto has treated customers through the years, but really shows just how Tony and Co. run their operations.(i.e. Ferrari S.P.A. vs Exoto,Inc.) It is a shame that such beautiful cars can come from a not so honest operation.
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Jim Hall should just demand the molds and start or give them to a diecast co that cares about the hobby.
Hmm...GMP Chaparrals? THAT would be interesting!
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