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1969 Chevrolet Nova Z/28 ...by GMP

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Another "suppose to be" Street Fighter to join the club, and my first Nova!

It was annouced as a SF model but there's no indications of it on the box. According to GMP, it suppose to be a LE of 1500, but then again, no indications either :WTF

Normally, I hate Novas. I always did and I always will...but this one has a special twist of a '69 Camaro mix to it that makes my toes curls! :giggle

The 1:1 version was revealed at the 2006 SEMA Show and then was a subject in Hot Rod Magazine. So I believe GMP nailed the pedal to the floor to make this one!!

Its story......

-What if Chevrolet offered the Z/28 option package to the Nova as well as to the Camaro?
-What if it came with the Camaro dash, center console, seats and rear wing?
-What if the original owner wanted a serious car, so he deleted the radio and heater, but ordered the cross ram DZ302 and standard transmission?
-What if it could've been ordered with the Hugger Orange paint, white stripes and a white hounds tooth interior?

So .....

-They found the car and restored it with a modern flare.
-They swapped the old 4-speed for a new Tremec 5-speed.
-They replaced the old JL8 disc brakes and rally wheels with new C6 brakes and larger diameter Budnik wheels.
-They upgraded the steering and suspension for better handling and a more aggressive stance.

...I believe they did a wonderful job because they make me like a Nova! :lol

The flawless orange paint is astonishing! The level of quality is good except that the doors & trunk are sealed!!! The engine is nicely detailed and so is the interior....but I give a reserve on the seats....not sure if I like them :confused

The engine is wired but has no realistic hood hinges. GMP made a good job with the undercarriage but no rotating drive shaft. The wheels are nice.

The item production # is on the rear plate instead of on the undercarriage and there's no LE certificate!

-Out-of-the-ordinary Nova
-Aggressive look
-Flawless paint
-Cool color
-Nice engine
-Nice detailed interior
-Good job on the tire/wheels/brakes
-Undercarriage is nice

-Sealed doors & trunk
-No realistic hood hinges
-No LE certificate


It makes a nice "low-budget" GMP... and a very nice Nova, just for that, GMP deserve a good note. :giggle

DX result: 6.5/10

My personal appreciation note: 7.5/10

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I didn't noticed that! :giggle

Thanks :cheers

Looking over this car for like the fourth time - its not a bad looking model if you can get by the sealed doors.

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Well the price is the same as AUTOart's sealed division....

....plus, you can see the engine and the interior much better!
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