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Chrono Elise GT1s

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saw this in a store a few days back.
didn;t pick it up cos....well...i didn;t know why....

is it a rare car? i heard the quality is crap? is it?

i also saw the Thai air car
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No, it's not crap. If you call it crap you will be offending many cars by Hot Wheels and Ertl. It's below crap. Waaaay below crap.
While I do not have the specific car, I have the all black version (no graphics).

They are curbside models only (no opening parts). There is no engine or suspension detail and the interior is very basic. the disc brakes are very plain as well....

When compared to the other Elise on the market I also think it is not a true 1:18 car (it scale is bigger).

I rate this as a 10 footer..... closer then that and it begins to smell.

But if you have to have a GT1 in or near 1:18 I think they are the only game in town (I could be wrong).....
Luw that was good. You split by sides by making me :lol like that
I bought the GT1 with the Franck Muller livery sight unseen. Let's jstu say I was very glad I didn't pay too much for the car! Some of my son's Bburagos look good beside the GT1. :giggle
:iagree :iagree I've got this one. It displays well from way back yonder. I thought it was a cool car, so I picked it up.
hmm......think i'll pass on this then....seems quite bad......
I only have the Thai one because I was duped (I bought the Franck Müller that was in Le Mans - don't forget I'm a Le Mans nut), since I would NEVER have bought it. It's crap, but from two meters away on the shelf it looks ok.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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