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1:18 CI Imagewear/Yokohoma Porsche GT3 RS by AUTOart.

With all the talk about the newly released AUTOart Lemans Porsche models, I promise that is not the reason for a review of this model :giggle

When this as well as the Recaro model was released to our friends across the big pond, my mouth watered with envy as they were being treated to two beautiful gems of a model that were limited to certain markets.

Seeing these models appear on eBay at hefty prices, I realized that if I wanted to play, it was going to be at an expensive price...one in which I didn't want to pay for these models. So I angrily scratched both this and the Recaro version off my wish list.

Then came great news from fellow forum member Charlie, he was able to get them at a fairly decent price in a GP for forum members here at DX. I figured this would possibly be my last chance, so I hopped aboard that train and it was great when it pulled into the station. Thanks Charlie :cheers

With more racing GT3 RS models on the scene, albeit Lemans versions, these models are going to make would be collectors very happy. However, they will need to be aware of a few shortcomings that these models may or perhaps may not present.

While trying to find racing history and results on this particular model I think I may have gained a few gray hairs and what didn't turn to gray, I pulled out as my search yielded nothing :pullhair

So if anyone has confirmed racing results, by all means, please add them to the review.

[*]Brakes - accuracy=7 detail=8
As some have a great fascination with calipers and rotors you will notice that the brake discs are noticeably different from front to rear. The front wears perforated discs and slotted discs can be found on the rear. This set up is indeed accurate for the GT3 RS, however, the brake calipers found on the rear are inaccurate in color. The caliper sizes does indeed simulate the size differential found on the 1:1, 380MM front/355MM rear.

The front discs do share an immediate resemblence to the Brembo Palmares they replicate, all the way down to the mounting lugs, the same details cannot be found on the rear.

The discs are and calipers are molded separately for those who do not prefer one piece caliper/rotor assemblies.

[*]Engine - accuracy=8 detail=8
Most of the engines on the AUTOart Porsche 911 models are one piece of molded plastic without any paint detail separating the parts. The engine found on this model is molded plastic, however, the parts are painted to separate individual pieces. The individual parts are easily identified as the mold is much better.

The paint is finely applied, only showing a little run over on the hoses.

The engine replicates a manual starter mounted on what looks to be carbon fibre braces which is pretty cool.

The engine sits forward a bit much, giving the appearance of an "empty feel' to the engine bay.

The front trunk houses the fuel cell and battery and other running equipment. This entire compartment is molded from one piece, but the paint is applied very nicely detailing each part really nicely. Individual parts would have been nice, but this look works well for this model as it captures the smallest detail.

This front compartment is finished off with a hood that does not remain open on its own and is also supported by dog leg hinges.

[*]Exterior - accuracy=8 detail=9
Companies that decide to do racing models should get an 'A' for effort as the small details make it impossible to get the model remotely right. Well AUTOart, did an exceptional job with replicating this model based on their GT3 R.

Finding any faults or inaccuracies will take a while and some nitpicking will have to be done to accomplish it, I have done both :lol

Lets start with whats wrong with the exterior and there isn't much, so this will not take long.

The slot found on the driver side window is not apparent as well as the air jack which is found on the front hood of the 1:1. The exhaust tips are a carry over from the GT3 R and look nothing like the exhaust tips of the 1:1 this car represents so well. There is also a 1 inch lip found just underneath the front bumper which is not apparent on the model.

The rear windows are not sloted as the real car it represents.

Now lets talk about whats right which is nearly everything on this model.

Hood pins and connecting points can be found front and rear as they are on the 1:1. Front and rear bumpers are spot on accurate. There are no noticeable door or bonnet gaps. The front/rear lights which are spot on accurate as well and do not show any mounting posts and show every resemblence to the 1:1 Perhaps most importantly, they are even the right color. :giggle

The stance is is aggressive and low and looks to be that of the GT3 R.

[*]Interior - accuracy=8 detail=8
As I was not able to find any comparison pics of the passenger side, I was able to locate some cockpit photos.

This models doors suffer from the dog leg syndrome that so many other early Porsche models from AUTOart do.

The full roll bar found on this model follows the same lines as the 1:1 and is molded separately from the rest of the interior.

The driver foot pedals are identical to the 1:1 all the way down to the color of silver gas and black brake/clutch. The gearshift seems to be on the short side, however that is all relative when looking at scale models. However, the clutch lever is missing on the gearshift.

The dash is neither hit nor miss, but its replicated well, most noticeably missing from the dash are the red toggle switches. The steering wheel on this model is incorrect as it is a plain 3 spoke wheel. The 1:1 is equipped with a Momo Steering wheel which has various control buttons located on it.

The interior floor is finished in white with black spider web wiring carefully flowing along the floor from front to rear.

[*]Paint - accuracy=9 detail=9
AUTOart paint jobs are considerably some of the best in the hobby, this model is no exception. the paint is applied smoothly without any imperfections. The bumpers both front and rear being made of plastic are a shade different from the body as they are different materials.

Towards the rear of the car where the black and red is pinstriped, its done with out any over spray resulting in a great finish.

[*]Tampo/Decals - accuracy=6 detail=8
The inaccuracy of some missing sponsor logos(tampos) is what really hurts this models overall ACCURACY score.

The model sports tampos which are well applied with no fade or rough edges. Some of the best tampos that I have seen on a model. The drivers names and country flags are legible and properly applied. Tampos that are applied to windshield and the body of the car are done so without any breaks.

I am not sure why a few sponsor logos are missing, particularly the Gemballa logo located on the front right bumper of the model, consiering its plasterd on the side. Maybe a small oversight from AUTOart.

Other logos missing are the 'Fur Rikke'( top middle of front bumper and the 'Castrol' logo (rear bumper above the exhaust ventilation slots).

[*]Tires/Wheels - accuracy=9 detail=9
Tires are slicks and even show tread depth when viewed from the sides. The tires sport Yokohoma in red text which is legible. The rear tires show a wider width than the fronts which is expected.

The wheels are spot on accurate all the way down to little grooves from the spokes which curl in the center cap.

[*]Undercarriage - accuracy=N/A detail=N/A
No comparison pics to make a comparison too.

Overall Average Score- Accuracy=7.85 Detail=8.57

Notes of mention but not scored:
[*]Year produced: 2003
[*]Price(budget/premium): Auto Art (premium)
[*]Subject matter: LE 1/500
[*]Packaging: Standard AUTOart packaging
[*]Craftsmanship and Quality: This model is another fine example of quality and craftsmanship that AUTOart has to offer to collectors.

My final thoughts about this model are nothing but good. As a collector of racing Porsche models, if you can live with the minor flaws most noticeably the missing sponsor logos, then this is definitely a model for you. The limited availability and subject matter alone coupled with the featured quality and details found on AUTOart models makes this a must have for the racing Porsche collector.

Scoring Chart
10= This rare score is reserved for a model that is perfect as it could be. The flawless design and construction exceeds a collectors expectations. A model deserving of this score cannot be improved upon and is considered to be the best available to collectors.

9= This score is a reflection of a model that distinguishes itself as one of the best available on the market. Accuracy, detail and quality are all present. A model deserving of this score suffers from no meaningful drawbacks. Although it would be difficult to improve upon this model,it would not be impossible.

8= A model that recieves this score is flawless in so many ways that its relative drawbacks are not very important if at all. Improving upon this model will take very little effort.

7= A model scoring in this range has more positives than it has flaws, however, the flaws should be made aware of.

6= A model in this range reflects an average model. Its positves and flaws balance each other out making it an adequate model. Not the worst, but also not the best.

5= A model in this range is mediocre at best. Obvious flaws overshadow the postives.

4= A model deserving of this score doesn't have many positives and the few that it does have are well below the expectations of a collector.

3= A model in this range and lower should not even be considered collectors. It has very few positives and the flaws far outweigh them.

2= A model deserving of this score would not satisfy any collector as it has absolutely no positives. It would be difficult, however, not impossible to find a worse model.

1= A model in this range has absolutely nothing of interest to it. This rare model is considered to be the worse of the worst.

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 31-May-2005

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Ohhhh! nice Darrick! :nicejob Never noticed the back bumper b4, is there actually openings on it :yahoo or are they tampoed on? :badidea (behind the rear tires) Anyway, that was an awesome read! :cheers

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sweet! :eek:k Now just to find 1!! :shipwrecked !!! do they also have these slits on the recardo porshe also?????

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That's a really informative review Darrick. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob I'm sure it took a lot of research but the results are really worth it. I particularly like the 2 number scaring system for each criteria to assess accuracy & detail.

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Sorry late comer here.

Glad I'm not the only one who does not know the history about some of the cars, as I cant find info, so likewise on the grey hairs Darrick

I also passed on the 2, then the Recaro was a pm away when Jeff "Max Power" fixed that for me, then a swift deal with a sierra for gary got me the Yokohama :wink

Also my little nit pick is why does AUTOart show photos of the car on the back of the box with the back bumper having Castrol logos on the 1:1 but not on the diecast itself :confused

Thanks for this write up darrick.


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As for the "uncomplete" decals in the model, I think you are not right. I have some pictures of the car with no Gemaballa logo on the front bumper and also the fur Rikkie decal is missing. I think that the decals were different in every race in the championship and we just do not have "correct" pictures. in my opinion, AUTOart made model exactly according to a version of the car from given race.

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Good review Darrick.

I cant wait to look well at my recaro, but I actually cannot for now for the simple reason that Lazard has said....

Well, decals change in most races of most tournaments. Just look at F1, some teams continously change some decals/sponsors in most of the races because of new deals.

What I am expecting now, is that the manufacturer, in this case AUTOart, does indeed say in which championship the car raced, furthermore, in which exact race has the model raced. Not would make a considerable difference in my opinion.

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I am fully aware that stickers change from race to race. But I can promise you I gave this car a fair and balanced review, sory if it is not what you expected.

This model came in a box with pictures of the real car on the track as well as pictures of the drivers. The pictures of the real car showed angles from the front, rear and semi side.

In those pictures, the cars had sponsor stickers that are not on the model. If this model is not suppose to be that of the car on the box due to a different race, then why not put pictures of the of the car they were actually replicating?

Same goes for the Castrol Stickers.

I'm sorry my review isn't as blind as some of the enthusiasm that is shared for these models, but its fair, honest and balanced. Not opinions, no bias, just the models merits.

If you feel the model is accurate, then your by yourself as AUTOart doesn't feel the model(s) is accurate. Please go read the email response they replied to when asked about the accuracy of their racing Porsche line up. Please read that email as I can guarantee you that I am not making up any false claims on this model. Just reviewing the model on its merits.

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I am not a big fun of AUTOart. But I can accept some "incorrectness" of a model if I can justify them on basis of knowledge of real car.
I agree with you that when some pictures of real car are on the box of the model, you expect that the same model will be inside the box.
And as for AUTOart replies to your emails: I have also received also several replies from several model makers. But, I think that the people who reply to the emails has almost no knowledge about real cars as well as detailed knowldge about the models. Therefore, what I receive as a reply from them, I do not consider as a reply.

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But I can accept some "incorrectness" of a model if I can justify them on basis of knowledge of real car.
I can certainly respect that. I now know that everyone sees these models in different aspects.

Therefore, what I receive as a reply from them, I do not consider as a reply.
I wrote them asking a question, they replied with an answer. I took it like just any other email I have seen from them regarding inquireis, pending and upcoming releases.

Its not my call to say they wrote this, but they really meant this.

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So if anyone has confirmed racing results, by all means, please add them to the review.
I have read your review again. In the light of my previous question (in another post) as for what this model really is, the model now looses my attention.
As for the racing results, I think that you have found them in the meantime. If not, as far I know, the model participated in the BFGoodrich Endurance Championship in 2003 and its best results was 1st position in SP11 category and 4th overall in the 35th ADAC-Barbarossapreis. But I think you already know it.
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