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Cieaning & Polishing Diecasts

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What are the best substances to clean dust off diecasts (window cleaner?) and polish them (car wax?). :confused Any other advice would also be most appreciated! :feedback
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Use the softest rag (microfiber) you can. I think someone mentioned Meguiar's polish, but you have to be careful with any polish a they do take paint off!

Try using a feather duster for daily dusting.

I sometimes have to use a soft cotton rag with detailign spray for those models which dust has built up on.

GMP offers a detailing kit with polish, cleaning compounds and detailing spray. Their all Meguiars products and can be found at any auto parts store.

I have went through two of these kits and now I just buy the polishes and spray off the shelf at the auto parts store or any big box store that carries them.

Someone mentioned that they had soaked a model in Lemon Pledge for a week or so and then wiped the model off and it kept the model dust free. I don't remember the exact details of the process, so I wouldn't advise that before knowing the full facts. Do a search for 'pledge' and see what is yielded.
Soaked a model in Pledge for a week?!?! With my luck, all the paint would come off.
I think the "Pledge" was from me.
I have used it to polish up a few models that sit uncovered and it seems to do a great job of keeping the cars free from dust.
Just put it on a soft rag and wipe the car down with it. No need to soak it for a week :giggle

I also use Meguiars on my cars.
Most of my cars are in their boxes, but when I do need to clean them, I've found liquid spray wax to be the easiest for the job (perfect for a lazy bum like me). I've tried several products and like Mother's FX Spray Wax best.

You can get a 24 fluid oz for less than $6 dollars at any autoparts stores. :cheers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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