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Undoubtedly, some of the most interesting diecasts are also the simplest and least expensive. This 2CV, the only true 1:18 model of this car to my knowledge, is a unique addition to any collection. It was manufactured by Maisto several years ago and is quite hard to find. I got mine through Mike's Racing and Diecast for $15.00, plus shipping. They may have one left.

Here is the review.

Brakes - Nothing to see in this respect, really. The hubcaps obscure any detail, although from the underside Maisto didn't offer any brake detail.
Engine - Just like with the real car, not much to see here. The real car only had two cylinders and 9 horsepower (a 1952 version is replicated here). Adequate detail for this age mold.
Detail: 0 Accuracy: 2

Exterior - Can't complain about the overall stance and dimensions of the model - they seem about right. I can't seem to find dimensions for the real car. The convertible top here is grey but should have been done in fabric like the interior. there is also a small scratch or glue smear on it. Also, the real car had turn signals on both rear pillers and simple taillights- no such detail on the model! Bizarre.
Detail: 6 Accuracy: 5

Interior - This is by far the most interesting part of the model. Maisto used real plaid fabric for the seats! Nice touch. No carpet, but hey, the real one probably didn't offer that anyway. Maisto could get away with little detail and still be accurate. However, only the front doors open, but thankfully with no dog-leg hinges! The top does not open to reveal the trunk, although Maisto did make a version of this model with the roof folded partially.
Detail: 9 Accuracy: 9

Paint - Reasonably well-done. Only a few minor flaws. It's a bit thin on the engine bay, showing some metal through it. The beige is, I think, an original color for the car.
Detail: 7 Accuracy: 9

Tampo/Decals - Only decal is the Citroen name on the rear bumper, adequately done with paint, but a little large. The Citroen badge on the front grille shows some sloppiness with the application of the silver paint.
Detail: 7 Accuracy: 9

Tires/Wheels - The hubcaps look okay and the tires are correctly "skinny," but are unbranded.
Detail: 6 Accuracy: 8

Undercarriage - Also not bad. I like how the suspension on the model is done like the original's, an independent one that offered a nice ride. Still a lot of molded plastic on the undercarriage.
Detail: 5 Accuracy: 4

Subjective: 93/100
Recommended? Strongly! Good older model and for $15, you can't go wrong.

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 24-JULY-2005
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