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Official safety car for the 2006 Formula 1 Season
- 481bhp
- 630Nm Torque

The CLK 63 AMG safety car will have the task of keeping the Formula 1 racecars safely out of trouble in the event of accidents or bad weather. At a signal from Race Control, the safety car piloted by former DTM driver Bernd Mayländer must move into position at the head of the field and lead the cars round the track at the fastest possible speed - since otherwise the high-revving F1 engines will overheat and the tyres will lose grip.

Bigger 19 inch tyres are fitten for this model as well as falred wheel arches to accomodate their extra width. Also it benefits from huge 390mm composite brake discs at the front and 330mm discs at the rear.

Seems like an excellent and attractive subject for a diecast and would follow on well from Autoarts CL 55 AMG safety car.


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A tempting subject. Safety cars would be a really different theme in a collection. I look forward to seeing it soon - only a week until it all kicks off again :yahoo. I trust you will still be able to hear it over the F1 cars, as with the SLK55 (If I remember correctly) that it replaces. Although not because the new V8s in the F1 cars are quieter than their predecessors!
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